Live at the Little Elephant

When I noticed this single sided lathe cut 12″ being for sale. I decided to grab a copy, despite a hefty price.

I love Iron Chic and the whole customized idea behind this 12″ appealed to me. Music wise it sounds great. A few songs of the recent LP and an golden oldie.


Peel session

I have a quite a few Peel Sessions at home. Most of them are very easy to find and often are essential since these kind of time documents capture some of those bands at their prime. Joy Division, The Cure and The Damned come to mind. New Rose by the Damned blows the regular recording out of the water and made me realize how insanely good this song and this band is.

The Smiths Peel sessions are equal important but a lot harder to find due to most of the content being available on the Hatful Of Hollow compilation. Until recently I wasn’t even aware that besides the regular UK version, there was a very limited France edition released. So glad I managed to snag a good looking copy.

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Blood in the water

Shark Attack played Sound of Revolution in Eindhoven, Netherlands last week. For this show they brought some good merch and this limited LP.


The Brats

This German band is very much underrated. From the ashes of the Almighty Surf Nazis Must Die cake the Brats.

Great snotty hardcore, thus far I only have the 7″, which I bought when it came out. So finding the demo is so cool.

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Last week, I finally got to see Shipwrecked live and it blew me away. Hard as nails, this band. L

So happy I found the European test press for their latest record. No fancy sleeve or anything but that is just fine.



  • One of the best of the early 00’s hardcore records got reissued recently. To keep my collection up to date. I bought both copies.
  • For those you are unaware of Count Me Out, give it a try. It is amazing.
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    Not so much to see, just two recent released live bootlegs by the Boss. Pretty decent recordings and some interesting early songs being played.


    Year of the Ox

    I like these yearly releases by Fucked Up. Despite I not always buy, I did got a fair share of them. When I spotted one, I didn’t have, I picked it up. I find it amazing they are still doing this and keeping up with the same artwork theme for well over a decade.


    Clean Sheets

    If you would ask me to cough up songs from their fourth record. I have no clue. However when I gave this record a spin. I knew a lot of them already. Don’t understand why it took me so long to finally check out this record.


    Become the Media

    I went to see a Jello Biafra spoken word show once and it lasted 3+ hours. Fun evening nonetheless.

    Some of the best highlights are captured on this 3x LP set. Nice additional insert too.

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