Man Will Surrender

A somewhat overlooked or under appreciated band is Man Will Surrender. This 90″s band play a nice mix of alternative rock and emo with some hardcore influences. Kind of difficult to exactly pinpoint what style. Their guitar player is someone who most people will know, the one and only Frosty from Chain Of Strength is bringing the crunch.



The first test press of the year of course is a Smiths one. This is the promo version of their live record Rank. Just a white label and regular sleeve.

Also I found a nice copy of the Shandie Shaw single to add to my collection. This 12″ is the German pressing, almost identical to the UK pressing, but a bit more tricky to find. Again the whole backup band on this single is the Smiths, all the additional vocal parts are done by Morrissey.

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One of my favorite early Dutch punk bands made a split live LP. I never came around picking up a copy, but last week, when I found it in a store, I had to get it. The other bands aren’t that punk and quite forgettable, but the Speedtwins side is killing it.

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I need Sugar

Added these two cool maxi singles to the collection. Great band and Changes is probably my favorite song. The whole record Copper Blue could have been an Husker Du record imho.

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Sherry Darling

A nice looking Bruce Springsteen 7″, I picked up last week. This is a pretty old one from 1981. It even comes with a compliment card from the record label, detailing the upcoming Bruce show in the Netherlands in 1981.



Anyone that grew up in the 90″s, chances are pretty big that they have listened to Troublegum. Still enjoy that record, so finding a single of that album in the wild, is something I cant refuse to pick up. Great to hear those songs again, so great b-sides too.



I love this Swedish hardcore band, I discovered them a bit too late. I think a friend of mine taped me a copy of their stuff. This was before the internet got huge. Pretty cool to have some stuff of them on singles now.

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River Runs Red

Picked up a cd last week, since I couldn’t let the digipack version with additional songs pass me by. Great for in the car.


William, I started something…Panic and bring me my Ouija board

A few Smiths and Morrissey singles arrived just before the weekend. Let’s start with two regular singles a UK and German pressing.

Also I added this weird split promo 7″ made for the Canadian market.

The last one is this German pressing of Ouija board, Ouija board by Morrissey

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Bob Mould

I scored a nice bunch of Minnesota records this week. In the batch were these two Bob Mould solo records. If you expect Hüsker Dü or Sugar you will be disappointed, if you like great rock music, it will be fine.

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