Walter sings the hits

Quicksand made an amazing record and it is a lot heavier then the previous one a few years ago. Definitely on my year list. I wasn’t into the artwork and the colored vinyl based on the mock up, but having it in my hand it turned out a lot better than expected. Even the colored splatter vinyl gets an pass from me.


I missed out getting an original copy since it skyrocketed in price. I missed out on this early 2000’s bootleg since I was waiting for an original copy to show up. I missed out on the reissue from a few years ago until that being expensive too. So I am happy to finally get any copy at all.


This is probably one of the more weird records in my collection. Back in 2014 Dads made a very good 7” with a nice mix of emo and indie rock. Soon after the band disbanded or went on hiatus.

I never get around getting a copy but I finally did earlier this year, I managed to buy the limited confetti one. It is basically clear vinyl with confetti mixed in. I dared to play it on my spare record player and it skipped a lot, since a lot of the confetti is on the outside of the vinyl. Weird novelty release for sure but also a good looking one.

Times Still Here

Just when you think you found every record for band collection, something weird shows up. This first press of the first 7” was released on white and black vinyl. So I was surprised to find a copy with a lot of red mixed in, given it a nice pink hue. Strange but fun transition copy.

End on End

To be honest if it wasn’t for the poster, this 10” test press without anything on the labels is pretty boring to look at

However since this an test press made by Dischord records for a Rites Of Spring record this is really cool to own. I never seen another copy up for sale.

Odds and ends

A few years of mail that was stacked up in NYC arrived last week and I will use the next week to showcase most of them. I tend to buy a lot of America only stuff, since it is cheaper and the shipping costs within the USA is so low.

First start with a few Lockin Out CDs I probably got as a freebie.

Also I found these bootleg Minor Threat tapes, oddly enough these are mostly made in South East Asia but these are from USA.

Furthermore I found this Sense Field promo flat. I never seen another one before.

The final thing I wanted to share is this awesome unused SSD The Kids sleeve signed by Al.