The boy with the demo

Record Store Day was yesterday and the only record I couldn’t find from my want list is the Damnation A.D., so that means I did score a lot and I will post them in the next few days.

My main want was this Smiths 7″. A demo recording and a alternate take of well known Smiths songs. Pretty interesting to hear this but more for the completist.

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Hang The DJ

I also picked up a nice bootleg filled with demo and live records by The Smiths, on lovely colored vinyl.

I did pick this one up when it initially was released but seeing it 9 years later, I decided I might as well pick it up.

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I found a few Smiths 12″s during the weekend. All of them are made for the French market by Virgin records. Especially the early ones are pretty hard to find.

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For the Fall

I had high expectations when this 7″ was announced and after the first spin, they made it happen.

The new Shipwrecked 7″ is amazing, the a-side track called For the Fall is definitely the highlight, the track has an amazing build up and never gets really fast but there is a certain vibe in it, that keeps me hooked. Hard to describe it, you just have to listen to it.

The b-side has two tracks that are great too, one is somewhat of an Oi! song, the other one is more of a hardcore rager.


Australian promo

A friend of mine was thinning out his collection and gave a me good deal on these two Smiths promo 7″s. I love the CBS bowler labels and CBS company sleeve.

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Old Glory

The whole reason I bought those hardcore 7″s from that Swedish seller, is this one. Somehow this 7″ hardly ever shows up from an European seller without the seller asking an arm and a leg for it. So it took me a while to find one.

The 7″ contains two songs from their 1989 demo and a live song. The demo songs sound great but the live track has somewhat of a muffled sound.



I picked up a wide variety of hardcore singles from a Swedish seller, who uses competitive pricing. So I ordered a bunch of records. One of them is this Lifetime 7″.



Went on a record hunt yesterday and I only found a cd. Still for a buck it was a great deal. This is probably my favorite Morrissey best of, such a great selection of eighties and early nineties tracks.

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7.50 guilders

That is roughly 3 dollars an back in 1983, that is a great price for such a good compilation.

Some of the finest 2nd or 3rd generation of Dutch punk bands are represented here, some of them have a distinct hardcore sound going on.

Very cool compilation and a great view on the Dutch scene back in 83.

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Emo split

A year ago I learned about Far Apart from Sweden. This band is long gone but they made one hell of a 7″ and this split 7″. I haven’t found a physical copy of the 7″ yet, but I am stoked to have found this split.

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