Sound city burning

The late 90’s and early 00’s is a bit of a wasteland when it comes to  releases by “major” labels. Especially Epitaph Europe didn’t release all stuff anymore on vinyl. One I really regret that it was only released on cd was the third full length of Undeclinable Ambuscade. Or as they call themselves at the time Undeclinable.

With the whole vinyl boom recently and the short reunion stint of UA a vinyl rerelease seemed to be imminent. And now it is here. It sounds great on wax and the record itself did age remarkably well.

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Whip it

A nice 80’s classic that still sound great and thus timeless in my book is Whip It by Devo. Never seen a copy before despite it being the most famous single I think.


Hanging on the telephone

I always had a soft spot for Blondie. I don’t get all singles I can find but whenever a single has a cool cover or I really dig the song, I might as well just pick up that single.

This is a combination of both, I like the artwork and the song is great too.


90’s hardcore

I picked up two singles from the euro bin at my local record store. First is the last Damnation AD single from 1997 and a compilation is made up by somewhat local bands from that same era as the Damnation AD single.

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Sing Your Life

Another early 90’s Moz single for the collection. Love the b-side on this, cover of the Jam’s That’s Entertainment. Somehow the colors of this sleeve is super hard to take a picture of. But the front and the back are the same creamy white color.

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Another Morrissey record that showed up cheap is this Morrissey 12″ on a lush looking picture disc. 

I always end up seeing it sitting in record stores I visit, but I never want to pay the asking price. So when I played the waiting game for this one, it worked out nicely.

I really enjoy the b-sides of this single more than the a-side. Some great gems are to be found on this record.

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Moz in Hamburg

I know the live set featured on this record, when I found an affordable copy on vinyl, this was a no brainer.

Great set list with obviously a lot of the earlier songs. Nice artwork too.

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Slowly but firmly my Blitz collection is nearing completion, I have all three full lengths and a bunch of the singles, this one however was missing from my collection. I think I only really need the New Age single.


Final local fair pick up

I sold my copy of this 7″ many years ago, dunno exactly why, but when I noticed a copy for a good price, I picked up, only upon further inspection, I noticed it was signed. Although I am not certain, it looks like Greg Graffin and Brett Gurewitz signed it. No clue if it is real or not, but honestly I don’t really care.


More random stuff

Last weekend, I went to a small fair, not too much interesting, however I did find that Venom LP, I blogged about earlier this week.

Also I pick up a few random 7″s, flexi and a promo cd. Nice mix of German thrash, English wave and American rock.

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