New Rose

This is one of those things that is on my want list for years but I never found an affordable copy until now.

This is probably the first punk single to be released in the Netherlands. Interestingly enough the Dutch market got a total different sleeve design and I think it is probably better than the standard UK sleeve.

I don’t have to tell you how great this song is. If you have the time, check out the Peel Session of this song. That one is probably even better.



I totally forgot to pick up the Get Up Kids record at the merch table when they played near me. But I didn’t bother to track it down either. I just waited for a copy to show up.

This also says something about this record, I wanted a copy for my collection, so it is good enough and I enjoy listening to it. however it isn’t as influential as some of there other stuff. Just a very solid record from begin till the end.



An unnecessary but fun pick up. Last year at Record Store Day I passed on this record, since the rarities record was more interesting than a record filled with cover songs.

But when I found a cheap copy, I couldn’t say no. Because who doesn’t love the song Africa.


Modern Artillery

This is one of those bands of which I adore their first stuff, but along the way we drift apart. The same has happened with the Living End, around the time their third full length dropped, I was more and more into hardcore punk while they took a more rock (‘n roll) approach.

So when this repress was announced on vinyl. I decided to look up the cd and given it a listen. After a few spins, this album was a lot better than I remembered, so I decided to pick up a copy.

Just like the reissues of the first two albums, it comes on red vinyl. Sadly it doesn’t with a lyric sheet.


Raw Power

One of those records, that I do listen to but never managed to find a copy at a suitable moment is the Raw Power by Iggy Pop and the Stooges.

However when a nice and affordable copy shows up online and you can pick it up during your lunch break. It is hard to say no.

What makes this copy so special is that it contains the album in two widely different mixes. First LP is the regular Davie Bow mix from the early seventies. The second mix is more raw and done by Iggy Pop back in 1997.

Another small bonus is the nicely matching orange colored vinyl made for the French market.

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Filling some holes

This week I picked up a few singles, some I used to have and I traded away along the way, so it was good to have them in my collection again.

The Teen Idles one is in my collection but I couldn’t say no to such a nice colored vinyl.

The Carry On 7”, I traded away, since I assumed I had a double, but I didn’t. So I am glad I corrected that mistake.

The 86 Mentality 7” I used to have was a very rare variation so when I got an trade offer I couldn’t refuse, I traded away. So getting a regular copy as replacement is just fine

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Willful Neglect

This is one of those bands that made some amazing records and dropped off the face of the earth and barely being remembered and mentioned 35 years later. This band from St. Paul, Minnesota we’re around for a few years and recorded two 12”s and quit admits recording their third one.

So glad, I have been able to pick up both 12”s in one go. I do prefer the first 12” over the second 12” but only by a slight margin. Both 12”s are rippers.


Freak Party

This is an interesting 7”, it sounds nothing like The Smiths, but this band does contain Johnny Marr and Craig Gannon. This record recorded back in 1981, it doesn’t sound anything like the Smiths tho. However the jangly guitar sound is there.

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South street

Back in 2003 Count Me Out was huge for me. Both albums are crazy good and 17 years, I still play them regularly. I also have a modest Count Me Out collection going on and when the reissue dropped a year ago, I picked up quite a few but one was missing since you could only get a copy directly from the label. Luckily I found a copy closer to home and thus saving a lot of costs in shipping fees.


Can I say

Late last year, I found out there was weird version of the Can I Say record with Southern records being listed next to Dischord records.

Obviously the hunt was on, to find a copy and it took me a solid three months to find a copy.

So curious which copy is the first press, this one or the one without the Southern records logo. Anyone any idea?

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