Using this title, probably tripled the amount of viewers of my blog.

That is a good thing, since everyone needs to hear this masterpiece that was released last year. When I had the chance to pick up the test press, I couldn’t say no.

Luckily it has a nice custom sleeve, way better than just the LP with the pressing plant labels.

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United Blood in the water

Shark Attack played an reunion show and just on time Six Feet Under re-released the discography, but this time on vinyl.

For the United Blood show SFU records made a special cover. I got to say, I really dig the Crowley artwork.


Battle Ruins

This band is probably the most hyped band around and it is actually well deserved.

This second full lengths is just like the previous one an easy contender for record of the year. Such a great mix of punk and Oi with some great metal influences throw in.


Out of step

I received my American mail today. The thing that I first unpacked was this Minor Threat LP, so I might as well post it first. Recent repress nothing really to fuzz about. Only thing is that Brian Baker signed it. I am a sucker for these kind of things. I am sorry.

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The Australian promo with a thorn

This is probably my favorite Smiths single, How Soon is Now follows closely.

What makes this single so great is the good a-side and the perfect b-sides. Especially Asleep is such an amazing and underrated Smiths track.

This is the Australian version, but what it makes it even more rare, the black and white labels indicate that it is an promo edition. I haven’t found any in the wild ever.

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The new Morrissey single arrived today. Again a single sleeve in the similar style sleeve as the previous singles taken of this latest record. Again clear vinyl, just like the previous singles.

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Die Smiths

Two German singles, I picked up last week, one came with a nice promo insert, written in German.

Love the sleeve design for Some Girls Are Bigger Than Others. It looks so good.

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Fly on the Wall

I have a ton of AC/DC full lengths on vinyl. I am pretty sure I am complete all the way up to the mid nineties. However one of them was missing. So I knew this was an error I needed to correct when I found a minty copy. Doesn’t surprise me tho that it didn’t see much plays, since I do think this is one of the weakest AC/DC albums out there. However some claim this is an underrated masterpiece.


Appetite for destruction

Since my OG has seen better days, I kind of wanted to get that remastered repress that was released a few days ago. The price was pretty hefty, but seeing it came with such a cool cover and gatefold sleeve, I decided to buy it anyway. Turns out I got a free shirt and some postcards too. Also worthy to note, side 4 is an holographic image of the Guns N Roses logo.


Tonight and Forever

I ordered this record years ago and it has been laying at a friends house in Boston for years now. I am certain it will arrive some day.

However when I found a copy in the wild, I decided to pick it up and thinking it couldn’t hurt having a spare. Turns out it was a nice colored version and not the regular black vinyl, I was expecting.

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