Spirit, power and soul

Earlier this year Johnny Marr dropped his new solo album. Prior to the release he dropped a few 12” singles that are notoriously hard to find outside of the UK, thanks to Brexit probably. This one was actually a lot easier to get, well not in the Netherlands, since it was an record store day release. This is the only thing I got of the record store day releases. That day is becoming more shitty by the year.

Sweep into space

Another album I neglected to pick up but I jumped on when it was offered up for sale is the latest Dinosaur Jr album, just like any other Dinosaur Jr album I love it in healthy doses. I am surprised they still make relevant music after so many albums.


Last year this AC/DC album was released but due to the insane price, I decided not to pick up a copy. Fast forward a year and a bit and it showed up for sale for a much better, cheaper price. The album itself is what you would expect from AC/DC. Some great songs and a few forgettable fillers.

Alpha Games

Bloc Party is back with their sixth full length. Just like their previous stuff it is very enjoyable. Style wise it comes close to the b-sides of the second album, an eclectic mix of danceable indie rock and some more dance focused songs.