The Smiths mate

I added two Australian singles to the ever growing Smiths collection. Thanks to the internet, theseare much easier to track down. Still surprises me why most singles just came in a company sleeve and the rest that dis came with a photo sleeve had a total different sleeve from their European counterpart.

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Keeping up with current affairs 

I am pretty sure the followers of my blog think, my music taste is all about 80”s indie at the moment with the occasional late 70”s and early 80”s punk thrown in.

That is definitely not the case. I did pick up some “new” hardcore stuff. All bands are from the 90”s, but most of the stuff haven’t been released before on vinyl. One record is totally new but again from a 90”s band.

And what a record it is. The new Burn really took me by surprise. It is so much more amazing then expected. And like all big Deathwish releases, they went all the way with the artwork. It came with a printed innner sleeve, big 12” size, 24 page booklet. I also got a ton of different size posters and stickers included with my order.

Finally I picked up some represses of some 90”s records I really liked but only had on cd. I know both bands are part of some controversy due to their background and stance on certain topics. Can’t say I can agree with everything, but I do like it when things were a bit more tensed up and political fueled. The Racetraitor LP needs to get some extra attention, due to the relatively low price and crazy big book that came with the record. Excellent first time on vinyl.

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Louder Than Bombs

While searching for Swedish Smiths records and other cheap finds. I ran across a copy of The Louder Than Bombs double LP. This album has a great mix of singles, album tracks and b-sides of the Smiths. 

Normally I would have passed it, but I decided to pull the records out and I discovered it is the somewhat more rare Canadian pressing. Seeing I was on holiday, I decided to treat myself with picking it up.

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Game Face

I never was a huge Game Face fan, but I do tend to listen to them from time to time, when I am venturing into the realm of 90″s emo bands.

For a 1 euro, I couldn’t leave this 7″ in the bin. I played it today and I ended up putting on some Saves The Day, Sense Field, Get Up Kids and Texas Is The Reason too.


Finally Sweden

I did up finding a few affordable Swedish pressings too of the Smiths. Sadly not the rare singles but more the regular records. Still stoked to have found them.

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It’s your choice 

Some of you might be familiar with this series of live LPs recorded in the late 80″s and early 90″s. I think all of them are recorded in Germany and all proceeds went to charity.

Some pretty interesting bands contributed to this project; Scream, Verbal Assault, Melvins and No Means No come to mind.

I was kind of surprised to find a double 10″ filled with leftovers tracks in the wild. I have never heard about it before and I was shocked to find out they actually pressed 3000 copies.

A lot of the songs are actually cover songs and are ofcourse recorded live in Germany. Really dig Verbal Assault playing an on fire Stiff Little Fingers tune.

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Wrong country

While hitting up the record stores in Denmark and Sweden, I really wanted to find some local pressings of the Smiths records. I did find a few but my best find would be these Greek pressings. Especially the How Soon Is Now 12″ is a nice one, since the pressed with purple/lilac ink instead of the more common navy blue ink. So this one is pretty rare to find. Sheila Take A Bow is less rare and the only added a bunch of Greek text to the front and back of the sleeve. I love these different pressings, so fun to track down.

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Dirty Deeds

During these last two weeks I spend some time hanging out in Copenhagen, Denmark and Malmö, Sweden. Needless to say I did went digging in a few record stores. 

One of the first things I picked up was this AC/DC LP. Still from the Bon Scott era, but still missing in my collection. Nice clean copy.


Buying in bulk part 2

The second part of the bulk is one full length and a nice slew of singles. 

All but one are from the eighties, one is the new Queen Is Dead single that came out during the summer. A nice mix of UK and Dutch pressings. 

I am very fond of the Headmaster Ritual single, that one is rather hard to find.

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Buying in bulk part 1

I found a seller wanting to get rid of a chunk of his stuff. So I decided to make an offer on the whole lot of all the Smiths records he had for sale.

Despite their are a few doubles in the lot, the price was right. The doubles might come in handy as trade material.

Since it is a quite extensive lot, I decided to split it up in two posts. First one are all bootlegs. Most of them are recent this year or maybe last year. One is a bit older, think it has been around for five years or so. A few on colored vinyl, rest on black vinyl. Nice mix of live recordings, radio recordings and demo tracks.

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