Blinded By The Light

A soundtrack filled with (unreleased) Bruce Springsteen tracks? Sign me up!

Haven’t seen the accompanying movie yet, but the soundtrack is stunning.


London May

This is one of those records, I would like to pick up, since London May drummed in a couple of amazing bands and all of them are present here. However with a quite a harsh retail price and shipping from the USA, I took a rain check on it for a few years. However when it show up in your local record store for a decent price, I grabbed it straight away.

Love the Dag Nasty, Reptile House, Samhain and Circle Jerks songs on this.

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In the spirit world now

This is probably my favorite 2019 release at the moment. I really enjoy the musical style Ceremony went into and the way execute it is perfect. I totally understand if you still see them as a hardcore punk band, you will be disappointed. However if you are open minded and can enjoy a health dose of 80’s wave, you will understand how good this band is.


Dutch punk

A few old (early 80’s) Dutch punk singles. Look them up on YouTube.

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This one of those records, I can’t pass up, especially when it is offered for a good price, despite already having a copy.

This is easily in my top 5 of favourite Revelation records releases.

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Lately I have been listening more and more to Seaweed and I am slowly emerging into their vast discography. I found their first 7″ and despite not being as great as their later output, it still holds up nicely after 30 years.



PUSA was one of the first bands I discovered that wasn’t punk, grunge or hard rock but that I really enjoyed. The simpleness of the songs but also catchy sound really appealed to me. At the time I never found this single but due to Discogs it was easy to pick up a copy. It took me a while, I just waited for a local seller.


Irving Plaza

Bootleg, good recordings, unnecessary release. Still bought it anyway.

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When it comes to CDs, I barely look trough them in stores, but this simple cardboard sleeve one, made me realize I need to a lot more often. Prior to Discogs it was really hard to find a copy of this in the wild. Especially with the band being somewhat popular at the time. It took me a few years in the 90’s to track down a copy. But still seeing this sitting on a shelf made my heart skip a beat. I couldn’t let it sit there, so I took it home.

Very immature punk rock from a band who later made two or three of the best Dutch punk records out there.

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This was a bit of a gamble, I enjoyed the reboot of IT as a feature film and I liked the soundtrack, but I wasn’t sure if would like it enough to listen to it on vinyl. But then again for five bucks I might as well give it a try.

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