The very very very best of

This must be the sixth best of record by Morrissey. All of them are great but non of them are complete or extensive enough. This is probably to do with the large amount of record labels Morrissey worked with, making all rights are spread all over the place. Until the next best of record appears this one by England biggest troublemaker will keep me satisfied.

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One of the great records of the 90″s, that is rare but still hasn’t been rereleased on vinyl is Troublegum by the band Therapy?. This record captures the angst of the youth during the early nineties just like band like Nirvana did with Nevermind. Almost a quarter century later, this record holds up amazingly well.


The Real Danger

I got this 7″ for free with the Circles 12″. I have seen the Real Danger a few times, but somehow I never got around listening to their records besides the occasional announcement of a new record.

Not sure why. Their Descendents inspired punk sound is pretty good. But maybe listening to their old demo recordings will inspire me to check out their records.


The Smiths on Monday

I also found two Smiths LPs. Let’s start with the first American pressing of Meat Is Murder, this one has a promo stamp on the front cover.

I also found a Dutch pressing of Hatful Of Hollow with the nice Megadisc circular labels.

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The Smiths on a Sunday

I chipped away a few wants in recent weeks. But due to the holidays I didn’t got around picking up the records and posting about them.

First a batch of Smiths singles and EPs. The Peel Sessions 12″ EP is reasonable hard to find, due to the majority of the songs being made available on the Hatful of Hollow LP and other records.

Back in 1987, the 1984 single William, It Was Really Nothing was reissued with a totally different sleeve. Not sure why and how come it is so hard to find a copy nowadays. Probably didn’t press too much of them.

Probably told the story of the Sandie Shaw 7″ a few times before. But this single is basically The Smiths with 60’s pop singer Sandie Shaw covering The Smiths songs. I got this one for free.

The final single is this Joke Isn’t Funny Anymore released in Canada. The 7″ version was only issued with a company sleeve and gets often mistakes for the UK version which is commonly available and has an identical layout of the labels. This Canadian pressing is actually pretty rare. I got this one cheap since it was poorly advertised and it is missing the company sleeve. Luckily I have a spare of the company sleeve.

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This French band made quite an impression on me earlier this year with a demo filled of Revolution Summer inspired hardcore.

A few labels decided to release this demo as a 12″. My copy came with an additional sleeve.



I also picked up a stack of Spanish promo singles of the Boss during my holiday trip.


Havana 3 A.M.

Another holiday find, that was dirt cheap and I scooped up for the sole reason a member of the Clash fronted this band, is this Havana 3 A.M. single. No punk rock to be found here, Rockabilly with some Latin influences. Pretty good actually.

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droga interessante

Definitely not the best looking copy, but since this Portugese pressing is super hard to find and I found it in Portugal, I had to take it home. Luckily the price was very reasonable.

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A few weeks back, I got the United Blood version of the Shark Attack discography. Last week the regular version on blood in the water colored showed up.

I didn’t plan on getting two copies or maybe collect Shark Attack in the first place. But I am glad I got a regular copy too. It looks amazingly well done. UV spot finish and embossed sleeve. Very neatly done.

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