Heaven knows I’m Miserable Now

A cool test press/promo of The Smiths for my ever expanding collection. 12″ promo are pretty common, those 7″ ones are harder to find.

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RSD 2019

The more years pass, the less excited I am about. However I did found a few records I would be into.

Let’s start with this legendary Green Day set in Woodstock 1994. I clearly remember watching this on tv and taping it with my VCR. Love the face they made a nice DIY looking sleeve and didn’t got all crazy at the graphics department.

Another one that turned out great is the Weezer Blue Album era b-side collection. Both Blue Album and Pinkerton are their best stuff and even the leftover stuff is amazing.

The last one I got on the day itself is this Joe Strummer 12″. One demo track and one unreleased track on super thick vinyl. As always great stuff by Joe.

This one arrived a few days later. Due to poor distribution. But glad I am managed to cope a copy. Both songs are pretty solid. The artwork looks a bit pixelated, almost like sone bootleg. Weird that this got trough quality control.

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Orange 9mm

This classic 90″s album got reissued. Happy to finally have it on vinyl, kind of sad the band wasn’t included while producing this reissue.



This Italian/German band are back with a full length this time. I love their melodic 80″s youth crew sound. Perfect record for the upcoming summer.



Ecostrike dropped a new song recently and it was immortalized on this yellow square flexi single including a Youth Of Today cover song. Fun item, but flexi’s remain a poor format for music.


Hard Stance

I was a bit on the fence on getting this discography. I have both singles, but the promise of the demo and a unreleased live track did pursued me to pick it up anyway. I am glad I did. Since it looks great and sounds awesome. But the best thing is the booklet that came with this release. So many great pictures and I would love to have that SS Decontrol sweatpants.


Minority Of One

Finally bought a few “new” records. Actually most of them are represses, but hey, I got to keep the collection complete. The one really worth mentioning is the repress of the great 2002 Dag Nasty LP, Minority Of One. This time around it is on a nice mix of clear and white vinyl.

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Rhino 39

Another one on my want list for years is this one. This is the hardest of the regular Dangerhouse release to find. Not sure why, probably they pressed a lot less copies than the previous Dangerhouse releases.

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Green alert

Like I said it will be a more quiet. But I feel it is worth it, when I see this record. This is the second release on the legendary Dischord records label. It comes on colored vinyl for the first press only. For the picture sake, I added my double second press and third press copy too.

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I have been catching up with the Johnny Marr solo stuff. Solid record but not as entertaining as his latest work.

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