After buying the first two albums and a slew of singles recently, it was time to pick up the third album on vinyl too. This is a new reissue released early last month and comes on very nice blue vinyl. Odd choice but it works well with the rest of the artwork.

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Just before the post Brexit rules took place, I considered to pick up a few wants, before it becomes to expensive. First is this boxset of the solo singles released by Johnny Marr. Two singles aren’t released before on vinyl and all of them are on colored vinyl. I didn’t take pictures of the individual singles, since the light wasn’t that great for pictures.

Also I picked up this 3x LP with a very nice live show recorded at the Roundhouse in London. A great mix of solo songs, Electronic songs and a few Smiths ones. I didn’t got a chance to play them yet, I did listen to the digital version, but I am bit worried about the sound quality since the colored vinyl has tiny silver sparkles. I am afraid the sound quality might suffer a bit due to that. It looks really nice, not something I have seen before.

Nine Sevens

At the end of the year, I took the opportunity to pick up a few wants. This boxset from a few years ago, was definitely one of the higher tier ones. It simply looks amazing. Due to shoddy weather, I didn’t bother to take a lot of pictures and just show the front and back of the boxset. But trust me those 9 7”s look amazing with their original artwork. For me the 1977-1980 pink flag era is my favorite for Wire stuff.

End Of a f#*$ed Year and another one coming

Happy new year to all my followers and lurkers of this blog, this was supposed to be posted on the last day of the old year or on the first day of the new year. But I was super busy, so I neglected this blog a bit and didn’t even bother to buy any records recently.

When it comes to records, it has been a modest year, with roughly three quarters of the records of the previous years, but that shows in the amount of post I made that are significantly lower than previous years.

That doesn’t however means that it wasn’t a good year collecting wise, I found some great stuff. In the test press department I managed to cope fourteen this year. This includes some of my biggest wants in a while, an Salad Days test. This Black Flag test press is pretty cool too. I did manage to cope quite a few Scream tests too. Mardi Gras 7″, Walking By Myself 7″ and a Complete Control Sessions 10″

These three regular releases are my favourite: Teen Idles 7″, Government Issue 12″ and The Damned 7″

These are records (or digital stuff) I enjoyed during the year:

  • Higher Power – 27 Miles Underwater LP
  • Hypocrite – These idiots EP digital
  • Sparta – Trust The River LP
  • Field Day – Opposite Land 12”
  • Fake Names – s/t LP
  • Run The Jewels – 4 LP
  • Coriky – s/t LP
  • HUM – Inlet LP
  • Hang Youth – Boel Aan De Hand digital
  • Ecostrike – A Truth We Still Believe LP
  • Don’t Sleep – Turn The Tide LP
  • Soulside – This Ship 7”
  • Ceremony – In The Spirit World Now (synth remix) LP
  • Rated X – United Front LP
  • Taylor Swift – Folklore LP
  • Bruce Springsteen – Letter To You LP
  • Change – Closer Still LP
  • United Mutation – Dark Self Image LP
  • Supercrush – SODO pop LP

Show wise it was easy, I just went to one show due to covid, No Warning and Pressure Pact played. Liked Pressure Pact more. So they are the best band of the year for me.

My goals for 2020 are slightly ambitious, but I would like to finally get these records:

  • Antidote – Thou Shall Not Kill (1st press) 7″
  • Articles Of Faith – Wait 7″
  • Black Flag – Nervous Breakdown (1st press) 7″
  • Common Cause – s/t (blue vinyl) 7″
  • Faith – Subject To Change (clear vinyl) LP
  • Faith – Subject To Change (white vinyl) LP
  • Faith – Subject To Change (4th press $4.00 NO masterdisk etched, if it exists) LP
  • Keep It Clear – A Lesson… (record release edition) LP
  • Urban Waste – s/t 7″ (1st or 2nd press)


A few years after their 12” EP the Dutch punk band Panic returned with a new 7”, sung in the Dutch language. released in 1980 this still can be considered as the early punk and it is pretty good. Yes the artwork is repeated on the back, so I didn’t make an error.

Time To Waste

Another cheap UK buy to complete my collection of Crimson era Alkaline Trio singles is this one. It eluded for years, but happy to finally pick it up and close the chapter on this. Crimson still is my favorite Alkaline Trio record, it really hit me, when I first heard it.