Bruce hanging out in the studio even more

Two more bootlegs, I picked up last week and I finally came around listening to. Everything was recorded in the seventies and besides some unreleased tracks, some of the well known songs here appear in a totally different version. Some real nice treats and the sound quality is above decent and sometimes excellent.


Bruce in the studio

Two more Bruce bootlegs today. The first one is my favorite of the two. These songs are recorded for the River album but ended up being unused. Some did see an official release many years later.

This next one was recorded in a low budget studio in Juni 1972 and was meant two land Bruce a record deal. As far as I am aware none of these songs have been officially released.


Alpine Valley

Two more bootlegs recorded during a four and a half hour concert by the Boss. Spread over four records. Recorded in 1984 with a lot of Born In The USA songs in the mix.


Even more Bruce

Two more bootlegs, one is recorded in Stockholm, Sweden in 1981 and the other one on gorgeous colored vinyl is recorded in  Cleveland in 1974.


70″s Bruce

Two more bootlegs, I listened to today. The first one was recorded in 1974 and really showcase a young and very energetic Bruce Springsteen. The sleeve says this was recorded in Boston, but I believe it is actually Washington DC.

This next one is a mixed one with some alt. takes of some his studio material. His 1972 demo tape and some live material from 1981.


Mid 80’s Bruce

Two more love bootlegs, one is made up out of one single show from 1986 an contains mostly Born In The USA tracks. I wished he would have played Bobby Jean, that song get way too little love.

The other one recorded at different shows in 1984 and 1985 and it exactly the Nebraska record but then made up of live comes with an insert. All other bootlegs I got don’t have inserts.


Dutch punk

This is a compilation of old Dutch punk singles from 1977-1979. Most singles are hard to find and thus expensive. Some are great and some are okay. There is even an unreleased single, but I am kinda glad they shelved that one, by far the poorest songs on this record. Funny enough all songs are released by two of the first independent and DIY punk labels in the Netherlands. Each label has their own side of the record. I love the liner notes on the inside of the gatefold sleeve, so nice small facts I had no idea about.

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Bruce live

I bought a package of 18! Bruce Springsteen bootlegs this week. I have been playing and listening to them all week, to sort out what I actually bought and what the quality is. So expect a few bootlegs a day, this coming few days.

First two live records, both are good quality. Most likely soundboard or very good audience  recordings. The first one is from the early 80’s. Interesting medley of different cover songs and a very cool version of Drive All Night. Often the artwork of bootlegs are a bit awkward or just plain bad, but I really enjoy this sleeve. It has the right feeling and works great for an eighties record.

This next one is a hefty four LP set, crammed in a single sleeve from the late eighties. Recorded at the Tunnel of Love tour. A lot of rare songs that I haven’t heard live before. This makes this one more interesting, especially since this era of Springsteen is a bit ignored when it comes to live records.



Another new record that was released this week is the new New Moon record. After an 7″ almost a two years ago, some new stuff was long overdue. I was pleasantly surprised after the first spin. All songs sound super solid and a step up from their 7″. Their shoegaze sound hasn’t changed that much but it does sound a bit more mature and progressed. The production is great and the colored vinyl and artwork looks gorgeous.


Head Carrier

This album was recommended to me by a co-worker. I didn’t even hear Pixies made a new record. So I gave it a listen en after the first spin, I realized I needed to get a copy. This is a strong contender of record of the year if you ask me.

Typical classic Pixies sound and no filler to be found. Comes with a very nice Pixies slipmat as a cool bonus.


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