Welcome to the Jungle

It has been a slow month and it looks like next month won’t be any better. I do have a few crazy finds like that State Of Alert 7″ a few days ago, but be prepared for less frequent updates. This has mostly todo with a lot less of new bands/records popping up and my want list becoming smaller and smaller. Which is actually a good thing.

After the Guns N Roses show earlier this month, I had to pick up a few missing singles. One of them is this Welcome To The Jungle 7″. I love how the first few singles have a very basic design. Just the band logo with the song title on a different color background. Simple but effective.


The quest for green is on

Two weeks ago, I wanted to play some State Of Alert, so I grabbed the single and put it on. While playing the single, I grabbed my other copy to check out the lyric sheet and I noticed that, that copy was also a second press. 

I always assumed I had a second and third press, turns out I owned two second presses. Not sure how this has happened. I did found a dirt cheap copy once and bought it without making any further inquerements, probably the auction didnt had any decent pictures and expected it to be 3rd press and I didn’t check it thoroughly and put it away. 

Anyhow, when I noticed the mistake, the hunt was on for a copy. Like a miracle a good looking copy showed up within days, so I went for it. Now the hunt is on for a copy on green vinyl.

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Brass Monkey

Slowly I have been collecting all Licensed To Ill singles. The last regular available European one, is the Brass Monkey single. Somehow this one is somewhat harder to find. Don’t know why actually.


Cutting Through

One of my favorite demos of last year got an vinyl release. Obviously I had to order it and I went all the way. Black vinyl, colored vinyl and a test press.

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This band passed me unnoticed, despite it being right up my alley. I am pretty sure it went unnoticed for a lot more people too, since I haven’t heard any other of the usual suspects talking about it. Straight up youth crew from the North West USA area. Well played, good lyrics. I enjoy it a lot.


Kill Uncle

Another cool and cheap find. I found the repress a year ago, but an original is something I can’t refuse. Also the artwork again is better than the repress.

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Bona drag

I got a good deal on two Morrissey full lengths. One of them is this copy of Bona Drag. Like the artwork of this one much more than the repress.

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A nice Morrissey 12″ arrived today, funny enough this one is single sided and the blank side is decorated with an etching.

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Hand In Glove

I can’t get enough of this 7″. The debut single by The Smiths has been pressed atleast on six occasions in 1983 and 1984 alone. Glad to find a copy I don’t have already.

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No Echo

NoEcho.net, a website I have been reading for a while now has some great content concerning hardcore music and all aspects around that subject.

I feel honored and flattered they interviewed me. You can read it here.

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