Junco Partner

I did manage to drop on Saturday and pick up a few RSD releases, the first one being this Joe Strummer 12”. Two versions of the excellent track Junco Partner which originally appeared on the Clash’s Sandinista album. Okay looking picture disc but in those horrible PVC sleeves.

My Bloody Valentine

I am so happy the MBV albums finally are available again on vinyl and especially for a decent price compared to the second hand market for older copies.

The albums are reissued in great looking and sturdy gatefold sleeves and the vinyl sounds crisp too. Well worth the purchase.


For me and many of my friends the Goudvishal was a very important venue. It existed from 1984 till 2007 and hosted pretty much any punk and hardcore band that toured at the time. I probably witnessed the last ten years, but despite this documenting the first six years, there are enough interesting bands present to made me pick up a copy.


This is an early Dutch punk classic, it first came on my radar when the We’re Sure We Are Gonna Make It comp dropped on Epitaph records in the nineties. That comp has one of the two songs on this 7”.

Can I Say

One of my favorite records has been repressed on colored vinyl, so I have to get it. Oddly enough this sold out so fast, I had some work to do tracking down a copy. I really like how the colored vinyl matches with the rest of the artwork.

Pixies RSD

I regret not buying the RSD edition of the first reunion album by the Pixies at the time. Probably since I spent all my money on Smiths, Springsteen, Hüsker Dü and Cure releases on that day.

But it turned out the Pixies release was a really nice one, thick gatefold sleeve additional cd and a hand stamped bonus 7”.

It took me a while but I finally found an affordable copy. Great album too, I really enjoy the post-reunion songs.