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A true 1983 local punk classic. This is their second and last record. It is in near mint condition, it has the insert and a copy of a news clipping, don’t know why that last one was included, I don’t see the correlation but it is a funny clipping.

Not very expensive or that hard to find this single. But if you want to go real cheap, there is a very low cost compilation from a few backs available combining both 7″s and a few live and rehearsal tracks.


Test presses

I scored two great test presses last week. First is the debut LP by the Dutch punk band NRA. No special sleeve or anything.

Also I got the test press of the debut EP by Mission Of Burma. Some great songs are on this 12″. This is the test press of the reissue.

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Just when I thought I am done with Black Sabbath records, I come across an opportunity I can’t decline. This is the last one, that fills the gap in my early Sabbath collection.



Last saturday at a bonafide record fair, I picked up an ACDC record that was missing from my collection. I assumed I already had it, but a few weeks ago, I noticed it wasn’t there, so I placed it high on the list to get a copy. And so I did.



This 12″ single is hard to find, it came out in 1999 and currently one seller has a copy for sale on Discogs. Luckily not many people are after this one, since it are only remixes, so the price is low. I was super stoked a found a copy local and I didn’t have to spend additional cash on shipping costs. The 12″ itself is near mint and probably unplayed.


Tougher than the rest

I was stoked finding this one, the b-sides are so good on this single. Some killer live tracks.



I got a nice gift of a good friend of mine. Perfect record for a nice and quiet day, like today.


This Charming Man again and again

This 12″ EP is somewhat hard to find, it came out in 1992 as part of the represses done by Sire records and thus was only available in the USA. This EP contains all previous released studio recordings of the second Smiths single: This Charming Man, a grand total of 8 different version and a b-side track of the UK 12″ from back in 1983/84.

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Same Titled

I really got into hunting down Smiths vinyl these last few years. My collection grew extensively, thanks also to their extended discography and localized pressings.

Still a better thing than spending money on dope or hunting animals imho.

I found two pressings of the same titled record, I didn’t have yet. First one is the 10″ version from the 1993.

This completes my search for the full series of 10″s. All of them came out in 1993, only The Queen Is Dead was repressed for RSD back in 2011.

Also I picked up a Greek pressing with the blue tint on the front of the sleeve and blue lines and text on the back of the sleeve.

Funny enough I picked up a Greek pressing earlier and I always assumed all of them had the blue vibe going on. I wasn’t to impressed when I got my first copy. but since I know had the chance to compare them back to back it was kind of cool too discover there are actually two pressings done in Greece. The front looks totally different and the back has some small differences.

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Greek promo

I came across a copy of the Queen Is Dead on vinyl last week, upon closer inspection it happened to be the Greek version. Seeing the condition and asking price, I almost decided to bail on it. Out of curiosity I decided to inspect the vinyl anyway. To my big surprise it wasn’t the red/green labels but these white printed labels coming out of the sleeve.

I didn’t had a clue about the rarity of this version, but my gut feeling told me to buy it. After asking around it is somewhat of a promo version, that doesn’t show up that often. Last one sold on eBay was back in 2014. Nice score for a nice sunny day and I didn’t even went to the cemetery gates.

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