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Girlfriend in a coma

Love to find good looking Smiths singles in the wild. I think I have this one already. But for 1 euro, I couldn’t let it pass.

As you probably not have noticed, I decided to restructure this blog, so all post before 2015 have been archived. If you notice some stuff being broken, comment and I will try to fix it.

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The world still won’t listen

I love those Smiths promo’s white labels. I found a cheap ones this last few weeks and this is the first one to pop up. It has a few marks and it can use a good cleaning, but for that price I paid for it, beggars can’t be choosers. Pretty cool it has a regular sleeve. Most of those promo’s just came in a black DJ  sleeve or dust jacket.

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Sheila Take A Bow

All Sheila Take A Bow singles come with a red/pink cover, expect for the German 12″. Which has besides the colored vinyl copies with the red/pink cover, a blue cover. This is a hard one to find for a decent price.  I noticed this one for sale for an ultra low price, so even with a price sticker tear on the front of the sleeve, I still felt the need to take it home. Glad I did, the vinyl is near mint.

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80″s Dutch punkĀ 

These two singles from our third biggest city came out back in the early 80″s. Like all those second wave or late first wave bands, no major record label would be bothered about punk after 1977. So all of these came out on their own private labels and often in small numbers. Making it extra hard to find a copy. 

Especially the Brommers 7″ has a very DIY cover and thus half of them are gone and quite a few singles never got an cover in the first. So finding even a beat up cover is a daunting task especially if you want to keep it low budget and don’t go all out.
Both singles are pretty cool. I did had the BVD single before but I traded away almost a decade ago for some Youth Of Today records I think. But besides one songs, I never heard the full Brommers single before and it is even better.

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Deeper Shades Of Soul

I am not going to explain who the Urban Dance Squad and why there music has been influential for a lot of other artist and that are Dutch, played on the Jay Leno show but never made it super big, for which they are entitled to, imho of course.

What most interesting about this test press/promo is, that it came from an Australian radio station. You can even see the times it was played on the radio. How ever I can find any information on a regular Australian release of this single.

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The Last Modern Lovers

The history of this band is interesting one, heavy influenced by the Velvet Underground and The Stooges they created a hybrid sound between punk, garage rock, indie rock and pop music. All this took place in 1970 till 1974. They did a few recording sessions but none of it was released until 1976 and 1981. After 1976 it became more and more your average pop band and all their output is forgettable in my book. But that 1976 is still highly regarded including by me. So finding the 1981 record with those old recordings was a very nice treat last weekend.



One band, I first heard a good decade ago and I didnt pay enough attention to was Handsome. Only until I found it in a record shop last week, I decided to pick it up and it instantly made it way to a very top of my playlist. Great post-hardcore by members of Helmet, Cro-Mags and Quicksand.


80’s Bruce

My buddy Beeman surprised me with a  nice chunk of Bruce Springsteen records he picked it up in the USA. Some from the early eighties, some from the mid eighties and some from the late eighties. A very nice mix, best thing two are even promo records.


3 songs

Another cool test press by the almighty Fugazi. I love this 7″ and I was super stoked finding one with the promo sleeve. Either 50 or 100 copies are made.

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I added a few Fade 7″s to the collection. One is even a record release edition out of 25 copies.

I really enjoy their songs and despite the small output and I never seen them live. I still listen to them regular.


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