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Little White God

I never come across Leatherface singles in the wild. How it ended up at my local record store, that never have punk records, is beyond me. But seeing it there, I had to get it.


Hand In Glove

Finally I found a first pressing of the debut 7” by the Smiths. They still used a Manchester contact address on the back of the sleeve. Great single and pretty cool b-side. Funny enough this is the only single that was released only in the UK.

Sorry about the poor pictures, silver sleeve and not enough light never works out.

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Last night I dreamt…

…somebody gave me two test presses. Of course that didn’t happen, but I did buy two on Discogs last week. Both are Smiths singles. Of course they don’t have a cover, so I posted the poster two, to make it a bit less boring.

That Joke Isn’t Funny Anymore from the Meat Is Murder LP.

Last Night I Dreamt That Somebody Loved Me from the Strangeways Here We Come LP.

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G.I. Joe

Nice to do some trading again. I can’t even remember the last time, I did a decent trade.

I swapped a few Mouthpiece shirts for this Mouthpiece LP. Although I liked those shirts, I barely wore them, so trading for a record I really want is very good trade in my book.

This LP made for specific show, one of the REV 25 shows, if my memory serves me well. I don’t think I would ever get my hands on a copy, so I am happy I did.



Back in the early 00’s I catched a few shows of Interpol and the first two records are still something I like to play from time to time. Especially on the way to work in the morning. From the same seller I got those Morrissey singles from yesterday, I decided to add this single to my order. The a-side is great, the remix on the b-side is a bit dull.



Two great mid nineties single by Morrissey, excellent warm up for the new record. My Love Life doesn’t get that much love. Maybe the lyrics are a bit basic, but I really like the vibe of the song. The More You Ignore Me… is a song that is played more during live shows and probably is one of the best Morrissey songs.

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Dutch punk and Dutch funk

Two 7”s arrived today, one is an old Dutch punk single from 1979 and the other one is a Dutch funk metal rock rap one from the early 90”s.

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Test press Tuesday 

Finally another test press Tuesday. It has been a while. This is the debut 7”s by the Omegas from Toronto, Canada. I know Canada for sure but Toronto is a small guess. The bass player is one of the OG members of Belgium’s own Justice. (Not to be confused with the French house duo Justice.) So expect a fast and rough hardcore single. 

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Beastie Boys

A few singles from the earlier days. Some wear but that was reflected in the price. Just one more for a complete collection of Licensed to Ill singles.


Buy in bulk

Lately I had some good luck with finding cheap Smiths records. Especially if you buy them in bulk, I managed to get them for a great price. Sadly there are a few doubles, but still it is worth it for the ones I don’t have and the rest is great for trading purposes.

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