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Quiet Slang

At first I didn’t like the idea behind this 7″ that much. But I decided to give it a go anyway and I have to say the stripped down Beach Slang songs sound rather good. The covers on the flip side are decent.


Dutch Punk

Two classic Dutch Punk LPs arrived during the weekend. Trockener Kecks made two great singles before this one and after this one they went full on pop/rock, not too bad actually.

The next split LP is from two OI! bands. Don’t know much about both bands, other than NV Le Anderen made an E.P. a year later.

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Down And Outs

Liverpool finest broke up a while ago or at least went on hiatus. But they returned with a new full length. Too stay in the spirit of the Olympics, it is gold all the way. The last full length was good, but I barely play it anymore, but I have a feeling it will be different with this one. So many good tunes, great production too.

Sorry about the shitty quality pictures these last few weeks. Winter time and not a lot of sun makes it so difficult to take decent ones.


Tell Us The Truth

After listening to a lot of UK punk these last few weeks. I decided to see what stuff I was missing and fill in a few blanks. Sham 69 is definitely one of those. I bought my first Sham 69 cd back in 1994, it only took me 24 years to get one of their albums on vinyl.



My last two pick ups in Manchester are two more mainstream records. Both which were quite successful, one in the eighties and one only a few years ago. I dig them both a lot.

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I also found two singles from the early zeros, that I never picked up at the time. And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead provide one hell of a song, with probably the best intro to a song in the last twenty years.

Hell is for Heroes was an English outfit that released three full lengths and a slew of singles. Never found the first album on vinyl, only have the CD version. (Did see there is a repress out since last week). Never heard those other two records. So finding this 7″ was a nice surprise. Great post-hardcore on this single.

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In Manchester I also found some 90’s stuff must people probably have forgotten about already.

First this 7″ by this band from London, UK with Brazilian roots called Drugstore. I really dug this song in the 90″s. It even has some parts of the song sung by Thom Yorke of Radiohead, but the female singer is the real star on this song. Funny to see this was released by Roadrunner records, which was a record label specialized in metal at the time.

Next up is this single by Dischord outfit called Holy Rollers. Don’t know much about this band, besides that all their output is great and I believe one of the members ended playing with Avail.

Also I found a Sugar 7″ missing from my collection.

I want to cheat a bit with this last one, since it definitely isn’t 90’s. But seeing the several connections between Sugar/Husker Du and Big Black, it only seemed appropriate to post this here.

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Factory records 2

How can anyone go to Manchester and not pick up any Factory releases. When I found the repress of this legendary double 7″, I had to get it. It even came with a few stickers.


Green Rage

A few years ago, I got a copy of this 7″ from a friend. Besides the great 90’s vegan straight edge music, I am fascinated about all the different labels that released this single with some of the worst artwork ever. So when I found a version, I don’t already have, I had to get it.


Roll On

I think this record came out back in 2001. I really enjoyed it at the time, great mix of punk and rockabilly. So glad I picked up the reissue and I can enjoy this one again.

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