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Def Jam Master demo’s

Hearing other versions of License To Ill songs? Count me in! Sadly the demo version barely are different from the end product and even the rumored unreleased songs aren’t there. So all in all not such an interesting release. Sound quality was better than the MP3’s floating around tho.


Salad Days

Definitely on the list when it comes to pick ups of the year. Is this test press of the Salad Days 7” by Minor Threat. If you follow my blog, I don’t think I need to explain Minor Threat or the fact that I love their music. Even after all these years the music still gives me goosebumps.

What makes their final 7″ so special is that it was recorded a few months after their last show and it took a good year and half before it was released. It is somewhat slower compared to the first two EP’s and they incorporated acoustic guitar and chimes into the music. Lyric wise there is a difference noticeable too, despite being record within a year after Out Of Step, you can notice that Ian has moved on into a different direction at least that is what I read from the lyrics.  Salad Days in my eyes clearly is a departure from the scene at the time. 

But I stay on, I stay on
Where do I get off?
On to greener pastures
The core has gotten soft

Stumped and Sometimes Good Guys Don’t Wear White are on the flipside of the record, while the later is a cover song by the 60’s garage pop/rock band The Standells. The song Stumped is an original and the lyrics, despite bit more vague, fit the theme set in Salad Days in my opinion.

I feel this record sort of bridges the gap between the punk hardcore era and revolution summer sound of 1985.

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Reptile House

This is one of those Dischord split releases that have been eluding me for a while now. I heard this one a few years ago, but I simply never got around picking up a copy.

Music wise it is has a slight post-hardcore vibe going on. A lot of mid-tempo, a bit like Flipper with some more freestyle jamming going on.

The production is great as you can expect when Don Zientara and Ian Mackaye are behind the mixing desk.

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It has been a while when I did a trade. But a good one from Belgium came in and we discussed some details and in a few days it was done.

This is the Mouthpiece 7” repress made for the reunion shows back in 2000, which is already 20 years ago.


A bunch of 70’s and 80’s and later goodies

I bought a few odds and ends recently. a lot of different punk, wave and alternative rock singles.

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I traded away this LP many years ago, since I have both 7”s but obviously the song Impact isn’t on any of the 7”s. So I had to rebuy a copy again. I got this final pressing from 2001.

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I found a nice copy of this classic and I wasn’t sure if I had this pressing already, so when in doubt, just pick it up.

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I can never say no to a nice test press. This time it is the Italian pressing of Rank by the Smiths. Not much to look at, but still great to have found a copy.

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Temporarily expendable

I think I have discussed the importance of the band before. For me when their third full length came out back in 1996, this single is what drew me in. It was and remains such a great song and it is so different and unique from everything else being made at the time. Still surprised they never made it big in the USA.


This charming bloke

Last few days, I was way to occupied with Covid-19 and all the troubles around it, to even bother to update my blog. But now, to get some distraction, I decided to play some of mine recent buys and blog about it. Luckily mail is still allowed to be received and send, so maybe I am still able to post from time to time.

I think it has been a while since I posted something about the Smiths, mostly because I am bummed out about Morrissey supporting some very shady people and organisations, to put it mildly. However in times of need, I do get a lot of comfort listening to the Smiths.

This is their second single and the first one to be sold in Australia. Despite looking a lot like it’s UK counterpart, this Australian edition has some small tweaks, making it stand out and easy identifiable. Pretty difficult one to find and despite some wrinkles, in very good condition.

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