Alkaline Trio

This RSD release was supposed out in June, but it didn’t show up. I pretty much forgot about it when RSD Juli came around and I found this record waiting for me.

This 2001 album is considered as the best Alkaline Trio one. Despite I think Crimson is slightly better, I can understand the sentiment. Pretty wild they took the effort to hand number 1500 copies. That must have been a lot of work.


Back in 2002, I was super excited to hear the new stuff by both post At Drive-In bands. Both EPs I really enjoyed, since the Mars Volta EP was hard to find on vinyl, I decided to stick to the cd version. I never got around picking up a copy, but seeing the repress drop, I jumped on the chance to get a copy.


Back in the mid nineties hiphop in Dutch language was a new thing, the first rapper who scored a hit with it was Extince. His two hit singles finally have been pressed on vinyl and since he is from my hometown, I decided to pick them up.

Dance Of Days

Apparently it took me seven years to find a copy of this album on tape. Only a few hours later it turns out there are two versions of it. So I am happy I got a copy and probably in seven year I can add the other copy.

Obviously I don’t have to tell you how much this album means to me. Since my blog name is borrowed from this album.

The Ex

Back in the late seventies and early eighties a lot of Dutch punk bands released their first album after dropping one or two singles first. Oddly enough quite a few bands added an exclusive single to their album and obviously enough a lot of those singles got separated from the album. So when this single popped up at my local Craigslist I had to get it, to complete my copy.

Assault & Battery

This recently uncovered DC hardcore nugget got released on vinyl a few months ago, but due to COVID it took a while before it arrived on this side of the pond. Since the band that later turned into Artificial Peace and even later into Marginal Man, didn’t leave much except a demo session record in the Hit and Run studios and a few old flyers as proof there were around. Due to the lack of band pictures or live pictures, the artwork is pretty simple but the liner notes do give some more information about the band.

Lost Artifacts

Indecision records released a very nice 10” filled with unreleased tracks to commemorate the hundredth release of the label. Somehow this flew a bit under the radar for me despite Over My Dead Body and Count Me Out contributing great songs and Throwdown, Faded Grey and Death By Stereo paying their dues too.