The store owner who sold me the Ramones LP was kind enough to throw in this Government Issue record for free. This might be my first Mystic records release I got in over a decade.

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Too tough to die

Short update today, it has been quiet. Did found this signed Ramones record today. Not the greatest quality sleeve but hey it is signed. Record is almost unplayed.


High Rise

It has been a slow week, waiting on a ton of pre-orders, but I didn’t find that much interesting stuff. No idea nothing showed up for sale.

I did receive the new Fucked Up 7″, I remember first hearing about this band back in 2002 and 16 years later they still release new stuff. This two song single is pretty good. Fast punkrock on the a-side, the b-side feels more like a later The Clash song, punk roots but a lot of different rock influences are present.


Sam Cooke

Two late seventies Sam Cooke records arrived yesterday. One is a repress of his 1967 best of record. The other one might be a bootleg. Check out the artwork very closely, is it me or are strange things happening with his neck?


Anti-nowhere League

I got this 12″ as a freebie. Somewhat surprised by the songs on this single. So different from their earlier work and what a total 80″s proof artwork.


Double O/Red C

Two great demos have been put on vinyl for the first time. Obviously this is a bootleg, just like the Minor Threat live LP, I posted a few days ago. From the same bootlegger there is also a Bad Brains bootleg called Lost Tracks. Should track down that one too.

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Boston Strangler

I finally got hold of the Boston Strangler demo on a single sided 12″. I never come across a distro anymore. So finding a copy took me a while.


Berthold City

I heard some buzz about this band, so I decided to pick up this 7″ without prior listening to them.

I liked what I heard, great hardcore songs, good lyrics and pleasing artwork. What you would expect from no frills kind of band.

The seller threw in two flexi’s. One decent one and the other one isn’t really my cup of tea.


The Proletariat

It is always risky when bands return after a long hiatus with a new record, this is more the case for punk bands. I totally understand that the guitar player got a lot better and that he listens more to Black Sabbath now than punk. But putting that into your reunion album almost always is a bad idea.

However some bands decide to continue at the point where they left off and their reunion records, turn out to be just fine. One of these bands is The Proletariat. I was curious, so I looked up on song online and I liked it a lot. So I picked up the 7″ on Bridge 9. Two great songs, good artwork, what more do you want?


Smiths goes North America

Two singles arrived just before the weekend. One is the Canadian retail version of Ask and the other one is a promo version of The Headmaster Ritual.

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