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Last few days, I was way to occupied with Covid-19 and all the troubles around it, to even bother to update my blog. But now, to get some distraction, I decided to play some of mine recent buys and blog about it. Luckily mail is still allowed to be received and send, so maybe I am still able to post from time to time.

I think it has been a while since I posted something about the Smiths, mostly because I am bummed out about Morrissey supporting some very shady people and organisations, to put it mildly. However in times of need, I do get a lot of comfort listening to the Smiths.

This is their second single and the first one to be sold in Australia. Despite looking a lot like it’s UK counterpart, this Australian edition has some small tweaks, making it stand out and easy identifiable. Pretty difficult one to find and despite some wrinkles, in very good condition.

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Mission of Burma

Pretty boring to look at but since it is a test press of one of the best Boston records ever, Mission of Burma – Singals, Calls and Marches EP, I am very stoked to have this. This test press is limited to 5 copies and made for the recent reissue on Fire records.

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The sum of days

I did hear One Sided War before, but since it was only a cd release, I never gave it that much attention. Getting the LP made me listen to them more extensively and with a lot more of attention.

I really like the vibe this record has. It feels a bit more like a more melodic version of Bold mixed in with some Supertouch. If you like the last Bold 7”, I am sure you will enjoy this one.


Pretty Buff

This one was on my year list but somehow I was unable to track down a copy until now.

I really love the sound they developed over the years and both singles really grabbed my attention at the time.


Spring Songs

With the longer days and more barely temperatures and some sun these last few days. It feel like Spring is upon us.

So this 7” with the title Spring Songs shows up at the right time. This is the most recent pressing on red vinyl.

I wish Title Fight would get back together.

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Motorcycle emptiness

I listening to this song a long during my high school years. When I found it at my local record store, I kind of feel I had to get it.

Listening to it now, it has aged very nicely and I think it became somewhat of classic song for the mainstream music lovers too.


Devils and Dust

I missed out buying the mid 90’s till early 00’s of Bruce Springsteen records on vinyl. Luckily they are being repressed. The first one I picked up is Devils and Dust from 2005. Just one more studio album to go!


New Rose

This is one of those things that is on my want list for years but I never found an affordable copy until now.

This is probably the first punk single to be released in the Netherlands. Interestingly enough the Dutch market got a total different sleeve design and I think it is probably better than the standard UK sleeve.

I don’t have to tell you how great this song is. If you have the time, check out the Peel Session of this song. That one is probably even better.



I totally forgot to pick up the Get Up Kids record at the merch table when they played near me. But I didn’t bother to track it down either. I just waited for a copy to show up.

This also says something about this record, I wanted a copy for my collection, so it is good enough and I enjoy listening to it. however it isn’t as influential as some of there other stuff. Just a very solid record from begin till the end.



An unnecessary but fun pick up. Last year at Record Store Day I passed on this record, since the rarities record was more interesting than a record filled with cover songs.

But when I found a cheap copy, I couldn’t say no. Because who doesn’t love the song Africa.

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