De Brassers

Another RSD I was looking forward to was De Brasser LP, this Belgium punk/cold wave band was around in the late 70’s and early 80’s and made a very interesting mix of Sex Pistols meets Joy Division often with Dutch lyrics. This album compiles their single and album and a bunch of compilation tracks. Very cool record from an underrated band.

Utreg Punx

This was probably the record I was most excited about for this years RSD. This is an compilation of early punk bands from the city of Utrecht. Very nice archival style document filled with additional information and pictures.

Rage against Mexico

As always there is a new Rage Against The Machine release for RSD. I sort of considered skipping it, since it is the fifth (semi) live record I have. But I ended up buying it any way. The package is nothing special, two records in a single sleeve and no insert or anything. The set list is pretty cool tho.

Many colors of the Dischord label

I picked up a few colored Dischord releases. So nice to have these classics on colored vinyl. Really into Gray Matter recently. Their first album is an excellent one. I don’t think I need to say anything about Flex Your Head. The Dag Nasty album grew on me over the years. Plus Shawn is such an amazing singer in a live setting.

Mixed bag

This post are a bunch of 7”s I acquired around RSD. But only one is an RSD release.

First this 7” by the band Right Idea. I have this one as a 12” but it was repressed as a 7” a year or so later and it sort of made sense. The length is more of a 7” than a 12” to me.

The next one is an 7” that wasn’t on my radar before. I never realized The Gaslight Anthem made a split 7” with Fake Problems. So I am happy to pick this up and give it a spin.

This last one is a free 7” that I got with my RSD records I got.

Junco Partner

I did manage to drop on Saturday and pick up a few RSD releases, the first one being this Joe Strummer 12”. Two versions of the excellent track Junco Partner which originally appeared on the Clash’s Sandinista album. Okay looking picture disc but in those horrible PVC sleeves.