Buy in bulk

Lately I had some good luck with finding cheap Smiths records. Especially if you buy them in bulk, I managed to get them for a great price. Sadly there are a few doubles, but still it is worth it for the ones I don’t have and the rest is great for trading purposes.

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The boots

Such a shame Discogs is hammering down on bootlegs hard. But the flipside is that people try to sell them cheap now trough other means. So I stepped in and grabbed a few.

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Who Made Who

This is actually the first AC/DC album I bought on cassette back in 1994. With all the records I bought from AC/DC in the last few years, this one was long overdue. The title track is amazing and the rest is somewhat a best off.


Do or Die

I heard some mixed opinions on the new Burn LP. But I don’t care, I totally love it. Everything I hoped for and more.

I got two more versions in, since I need to keep my collection up to date. Only need the tour edition. Some hook me up!



Voorhees are definitely the best hardcore band from the UK and made a few great record and a slew of singles.

One of those singles is this one. Actually it is a flexi and not a proper 7”. Sound quality wise it would have been better to do a regular 7”. Still the song remain super powerful and hard as nails as can be expected from Voorhees.


Hybrid disc

Another format I was extremely curious about are these 5” hybrid disc that where around for a year or so. the Mars Volta made one but also The Hellacopters and Paramore had one.

One side can be used as a cd and one side is a 5” vinyl single. You need an adapter to play this on your record player, since a cd uses a bigger spindle hole. Fun novelty item. Not very practical tho.

The Mars Volta single is actually pretty nice, alltough I never was a huge fan of their later output.


Prophets Of Rage

Their debut EP, left me with some mixed feelings. Some good stuff but a few of the covers seemed unnecessary and redundant.

So I wasn’t first in line to pick up the LP. However after giving it a spin online, I decided to pick up a copy anyway. The LP did turn out a lot better, solid own work that is on the edge of rap, funk, metal and punk. Not sure if this one for the year list. But it will keep me entertained for a while. I even got a pin with my LP. That is a nice bonus.



Another piece of the Shipwrecked puzzle arrived today. This is what I would call a corner piece.

The test press out of few made for the 2017 single. The single is definitely one of the best things this year, so getting a test press is pretty sweet.


The letter B

I picked up a few records from bands starting with the letter b. First one is not one but two still sealed Bad Brains 10”s, turned out both are on green vinyl. Will trade one for a purple copy.

I also picked up this Bon Jovi 7”. To my defense this is actually a decent song that could have been written by Springsteen. Also the fact it was just one euro, and I was super curious how the hell they pressed 9 and half minutes on a 7”. Turns out they made it super quiet. So every dust particle makes a lot of noise. Bad idea, one euro not well spend.

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Princes of Peace

This punky powerpop picture disc is by a Dutch band from my old home town. It came out back in 1980 and the a-side became somewhat of a underground cult hit at that time. I actually like the b-side better.

The single it self was hard to find, but thank to Discogs it is very easy to get a copy now and the price has dropped a bit.

One thing that is hard to find, is the sleeve that comes with my copy. Apparently in the late 80”s, they found a box of leftover singles and they made a sleeve to sell them. So copies with the sleeve are somewhat harder to find. Thus far this is the second one I have seen for sale. I am trying to figure out how many they made, but no one can give me a figure.


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