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An unnecessary but fun pick up. Last year at Record Store Day I passed on this record, since the rarities record was more interesting than a record filled with cover songs.

But when I found a cheap copy, I couldn’t say no. Because who doesn’t love the song Africa.


RSD 2019

The more years pass, the less excited I am about. However I did found a few records I would be into.

Let’s start with this legendary Green Day set in Woodstock 1994. I clearly remember watching this on tv and taping it with my VCR. Love the face they made a nice DIY looking sleeve and didn’t got all crazy at the graphics department.

Another one that turned out great is the Weezer Blue Album era b-side collection. Both Blue Album and Pinkerton are their best stuff and even the leftover stuff is amazing.

The last one I got on the day itself is this Joe Strummer 12″. One demo track and one unreleased track on super thick vinyl. As always great stuff by Joe.

This one arrived a few days later. Due to poor distribution. But glad I am managed to cope a copy. Both songs are pretty solid. The artwork looks a bit pixelated, almost like sone bootleg. Weird that this got trough quality control.

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Say it ain’t so

This one was on my want list for a while. Finding a good sounding copy is real task, a lot of bad, sometimes bootleg, cd sourced copies are out there. So I decided to shell out a bit more and get it the proper USA reissue. To be honest it is worth it. Solid thick sleeve, thick vinyl and professional inner sleeve. The vinyl sounds great and super quiet. Very happy with this purchase.



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