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I can never say no to a nice test press. This time it is the Italian pressing of Rank by the Smiths. Not much to look at, but still great to have found a copy.

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This charming bloke

Last few days, I was way to occupied with Covid-19 and all the troubles around it, to even bother to update my blog. But now, to get some distraction, I decided to play some of mine recent buys and blog about it. Luckily mail is still allowed to be received and send, so maybe I am still able to post from time to time.

I think it has been a while since I posted something about the Smiths, mostly because I am bummed out about Morrissey supporting some very shady people and organisations, to put it mildly. However in times of need, I do get a lot of comfort listening to the Smiths.

This is their second single and the first one to be sold in Australia. Despite looking a lot like it’s UK counterpart, this Australian edition has some small tweaks, making it stand out and easy identifiable. Pretty difficult one to find and despite some wrinkles, in very good condition.

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Freak Party

This is an interesting 7”, it sounds nothing like The Smiths, but this band does contain Johnny Marr and Craig Gannon. This record recorded back in 1981, it doesn’t sound anything like the Smiths tho. However the jangly guitar sound is there.

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Smiths vs New Order

Back in the late eighties Johnny Marr and Bernard Sumner got together and started a new band with a slightly more electronic sound, hence the name electronic.

First time I heard it, I wasn’t into it but after seeing Johnny Marr play a few tracks live, I gave it another chance and I started to like this more and more. Going forward another year and half, I finally ordered a copy to give it a spin on my updated setup.

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I made a nice jump in my Johnny Marr collection with the addition of these singles. One of them is signed by Johnny.

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I feel you

This 7″ came out for RSD centuries ago and obviously I missed out at the time. It might even been an USA exclusive, why it is super hard to find. Very good track and nice Smiths cover on the flip side.

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Johnny Fricking Marr Live

Another interesting catch in the wild is this Johnny Marr live LP on clear pink vinyl. Nice selection of his solo work and some Smiths covers. Comes with a crazy big poster too.

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The many faces

This is an interesting (semi-)official release. Nice love recording of the Smiths on the first LP and on the second LP a wide selection of bands covering the Smiths. Decent artwork and lovely light gray vinyl.

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Sheila Take A Bow

I feel Morrissey is a bit lost at the moment. So it is good that at times like this you can still enjoy his early work he did with the Smiths.

Love this 12″ single on good looking clear green vinyl made for the German market back in 1985/86.

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Heaven knows I’m Miserable Now

A cool test press/promo of The Smiths for my ever expanding collection. 12″ promo are pretty common, those 7″ ones are harder to find.

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