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Last night I dreamt…

…somebody gave me two test presses. Of course that didn’t happen, but I did buy two on Discogs last week. Both are Smiths singles. Of course they don’t have a cover, so I posted the poster two, to make it a bit less boring.

That Joke Isn’t Funny Anymore from the Meat Is Murder LP.

Last Night I Dreamt That Somebody Loved Me from the Strangeways Here We Come LP.

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Test press Tuesday 

Finally another test press Tuesday. It has been a while. This is the debut 7”s by the Omegas from Toronto, Canada. I know Canada for sure but Toronto is a small guess. The bass player is one of the OG members of Belgium’s own Justice. (Not to be confused with the French house duo Justice.) So expect a fast and rough hardcore single. 

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I started something…

That I couldn’t finish. Not sure what it is, probably my Smiths collection.

Anyway I found this promo/test press 12” of the I Started… single and I also noticed I didnt have the regular 7” yet. So it seems the best time to correct this.

The 7”

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Can’t Keep Up

This pick up was arranged many months ago. But since the seller lives in Sweden and I happen to be in Sweden early September, it felt better waiting a bit and pick it up in person.

For those unaware what this record is: Test press for the 1st pressing of the Minor Threat Out Of Step EP 12″. Probably 50 made, some sources say 100.

First press (original mix) test presses can be identified by the 14410 code assigned by Nashville Record Pressing as written on the labels and scratched into the dead wax.

These first press tests are more commonly found as radio promos with a photocopied flyer attached to the inner sleeve and mockup labels pasted on top of the standard NRP test press labels (which fall off when the glue fails over time). This copy still has them firmly attached, probably since it was only played a few times and then stored away for almost two decades.

My copy is indeed a record station promo from a local Baltimore radio station, they decided to trash a ton of records back in the late 80’s and one of their employees took it out of the trash and brought it back home. The sticker indicates what songs aren’t suit for air play.

It also comes with a thick cardboard DJ sleeve, that someone decorated, probably by someone from the radio station.

I am so happy to found this one and added to my collection. Best pick up of the year for me.

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Vinyl Party tonight

Just before Discogs decided to ban some releases, I searched and found some cheap ones. This one is rather boring since it is a test press of a bootleg, plain white labels in a plain white sleeve. Nice FM recording of The Smiths live in Amsterdam. I added a picture of the actual cover to make this post less dull.

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Unhappy Birthday

It’s my birthday and to treat me to something special, I managed to pick up not one but two promo/test presses of the Smiths. Both are for the S/T LP. One has the regular sleeve and one has the promo sleeve. Pretty stoked to find this in one go.

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The bomb will keep us together

Like I mentioned earlier this summer is filled with good finds, not all super rare, but some are just insanely cheap. This is one of them. White (or actually slightly pink) labeled promo for the Smiths song Ask. Besides a black DJ sleeve no artwork, so I also posted the promo poster to make this post a bit more interesting.

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The world still won’t listen

I love those Smiths promo’s white labels. I found a cheap ones this last few weeks and this is the first one to pop up. It has a few marks and it can use a good cleaning, but for that price I paid for it, beggars can’t be choosers. Pretty cool it has a regular sleeve. Most of those promo’s just came in a black DJ  sleeve or dust jacket.

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Deeper Shades Of Soul

I am not going to explain who the Urban Dance Squad and why there music has been influential for a lot of other artist and that are Dutch, played on the Jay Leno show but never made it super big, for which they are entitled to, imho of course.

What most interesting about this test press/promo is, that it came from an Australian radio station. You can even see the times it was played on the radio. How ever I can find any information on a regular Australian release of this single.

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3 songs

Another cool test press by the almighty Fugazi. I love this 7″ and I was super stoked finding one with the promo sleeve. Either 50 or 100 copies are made.

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