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Using this title, probably tripled the amount of viewers of my blog.

That is a good thing, since everyone needs to hear this masterpiece that was released last year. When I had the chance to pick up the test press, I couldn’t say no.

Luckily it has a nice custom sleeve, way better than just the LP with the pressing plant labels.

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I discovered Jawbox thank to the split with Jawbreaker, which is kind of weird since I knew the name due to being a huge fan of Dischord records. But someone I never got around seriously check out Jawbox until I got that split with Jawbreaker. After checking out the full lengths I learned it was another great band from the DC area. Good songs, great lyrics and an amazing singer. When I had to chance to pick up this test press/promo, I couldn’t say no.

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I am super stoked on adding this to the collection. Finding early Dischord test presses as promo are pretty rare. This are mostly send out to local radio stations on the east coast and aren’t as easy to find as the mid or late eighties promos, which are send out all over Western Europe and the USA. My copy came with glued on labels and custom sleeve by the radio station.

For those of you, who haven’t hear Scream before, this LP is their early work and is straight up hardcore punk. Great and powerful stuff.

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This 90″s Dischord band passed me unnoticed for years but after diving deeper into Grey Matter and Swiz. This band kept on popping up and I gave it a try. Not much later I bought the LP and now I added a test press with cool promo poster to the collection.

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Always love to add a Dischord test press to the collection. Especially when it is a great record as this. This is the second full length of Beefeater, probably best known for being the pioneers of the post-hardcore music. It comes with a ton of promo stuff. Interesting and fun to read.

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United Mutation

This early eighties DC band never got as popular as their other Dischord label mates. Yes they made a single for Dischord records, but it was a split release with DSI records I think.

This 7″ that came out a few year later on the infamous Lost and Found record is along the same lines as their debut 7″. This is the test press.

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The first test press of the year of course is a Smiths one. This is the promo version of their live record Rank. Just a white label and regular sleeve.

Also I found a nice copy of the Shandie Shaw single to add to my collection. This 12″ is the German pressing, almost identical to the UK pressing, but a bit more tricky to find. Again the whole backup band on this single is the Smiths, all the additional vocal parts are done by Morrissey.

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Last night I dreamt…

…somebody gave me two test presses. Of course that didn’t happen, but I did buy two on Discogs last week. Both are Smiths singles. Of course they don’t have a cover, so I posted the poster two, to make it a bit less boring.

That Joke Isn’t Funny Anymore from the Meat Is Murder LP.

Last Night I Dreamt That Somebody Loved Me from the Strangeways Here We Come LP.

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Test press Tuesday 

Finally another test press Tuesday. It has been a while. This is the debut 7”s by the Omegas from Toronto, Canada. I know Canada for sure but Toronto is a small guess. The bass player is one of the OG members of Belgium’s own Justice. (Not to be confused with the French house duo Justice.) So expect a fast and rough hardcore single. 

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Another piece of the Shipwrecked puzzle arrived today. This is what I would call a corner piece.

The test press out of few made for the 2017 single. The single is definitely one of the best things this year, so getting a test press is pretty sweet.

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