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Quest for Certainty

Revelation records released this record on Black Friday and obviously I gladly buy in on this.

I never got around getting the regular pressing on EVR, so upgrading my cd version with an actual LP version seems like a wise thing to do. Nice colored vinyl and it has an insert.

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Record Aficionado

I don’t think I posted books here before. But this book needs to be posted about. Great overview of the first 24 Revelation records releases and one that was released a decade later but fits in with the rest.

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Choices Made

I picked up a nice stack of 7″s and I will be posting them during the week.

First one is a missing one in my collection by CIV. Somehow these show up way less than the Revelation records on. This one has a great b-side.

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No Spiritual Surrender

When it comes to Revelation records, it is hard to write down a list of their best ten releases. However whenever you would ask me this question, three singles will always be on that list: the Burn 7″, the Quicksand 7″ and the Inside Out 7″.

Of the last one, I just picked up this early pressing on tape. All later pressings have the clear shell and this one is a nice white shell.

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Speak 714

Back in the early 00’s, I learned about this band due to lending this from the library. It did enjoy it, despite it felt different from the normal Revelation records stuff, I would listen to.

A good decade later, I still dig it. But I doubt, I will play a lot.

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Sunny weather and records don’t gel

This could have been one of those horror stories. But despite receiving this on the hottest day of the year and the package felt it could self combust. The record wasn’t damaged or warped. It plays perfectly.

This, the Quicksand on white vinyl and the Side By Side LP on blue are on my search list, but with the ever increasing prices, I wasn’t holding my breath for it. Luckily enough, I was browsing Discogs when this cheap copy appeared. Sleeve is a bit loved but for the rest, I can’t complain.

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Tonight and Forever

I ordered this record years ago and it has been laying at a friends house in Boston for years now. I am certain it will arrive some day.

However when I found a copy in the wild, I decided to pick it up and thinking it couldn’t hurt having a spare. Turns out it was a nice colored version and not the regular black vinyl, I was expecting.

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A compact disc?!?

I barely buy any cds anymore. But for this one, I would even pay retail price instead of my regular 25 cents stuff. This Sense Field full length was never released. Warner made like 3 different promo cds but never got around giving this a proper release. Network records did a few years later. But they did re-record, remix and remaster some of the songs. Plus the changes a few songs and reshuffled it too. Interesting to hear these renditions.

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More super

My family from the USA arrived, so this always results in unwrapping of packages which outshines Christmas. So expect a lot more post this coming week filled with stuff I ordered in the USA and got delivered there and was waiting for me, close to a year.

I want to start with the most basic of all, this square Supertouch Flexi disc. I remember hearing this song a few years ago online, so it is nice it finally got a proper release. This was recorded back in 1995.

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Climb that mountain again

Burn did surprise me with a new unannounced 7″ just before the start of the European tour. I grabbed a copy at the show, but I also ordered one on nicely matching red vinyl.

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