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Tonight and Forever

I ordered this record years ago and it has been laying at a friends house in Boston for years now. I am certain it will arrive some day.

However when I found a copy in the wild, I decided to pick it up and thinking it couldn’t hurt having a spare. Turns out it was a nice colored version and not the regular black vinyl, I was expecting.

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A compact disc?!?

I barely buy any cds anymore. But for this one, I would even pay retail price instead of my regular 25 cents stuff. This Sense Field full length was never released. Warner made like 3 different promo cds but never got around giving this a proper release. Network records did a few years later. But they did re-record, remix and remaster some of the songs. Plus the changes a few songs and reshuffled it too. Interesting to hear these renditions.

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More super

My family from the USA arrived, so this always results in unwrapping of packages which outshines Christmas. So expect a lot more post this coming week filled with stuff I ordered in the USA and got delivered there and was waiting for me, close to a year.

I want to start with the most basic of all, this square Supertouch Flexi disc. I remember hearing this song a few years ago online, so it is nice it finally got a proper release. This was recorded back in 1995.

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Climb that mountain again

Burn did surprise me with a new unannounced 7″ just before the start of the European tour. I grabbed a copy at the show, but I also ordered one on nicely matching red vinyl.

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As a surprise attack, just before the European tour, Burn dropped a new 7″. Two new songs that follow the line of their previous output. Listen to the title track a few times already and excited to play the flip side as we speak.

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Mint interiors

I got the Interiors LP a few months ago, but here in Europe, you could only order black vinyl. Pretty lame that later all sorts of nicer colors eventually did became available. At first I decided fuck it, I am not going to bother with the colored copies. But when this gorgeous mint colored vinyl somewhat dropped in my lab, I caved in. Definitely one of my favorite records of the year.

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I loved the first tracks that dropped during the last few weeks. So when I received the 7″, I gave it a few spins and I started to like it more and more. Great quality youth crew from this not so youthly crew. Love the clean artwork and classic label design. Good colors chosen for the vinyl too.

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Blue is the new pink

I missed out in the first round. Due to the website that wouldnt let me pay for my order. Thankfully Chris B9 put some more copies up for sale. So the second chance, I managed to get a copy of the new Burn 7″ on blue instead of pink vinyl with the additional sleeve.

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End of the year haul 2

Besides the 7″s, I have also picked up some 12″s. The coolest one is this Dag Nasty test press for Trouble Is single. Apparently there are 4 or 6 copies out there, so it is rather rare. This marks my fifth Dag Nasty test and my third one this year. It also came with a glossy Dag Nasty promo picture.

I also picked up another test press, this is a test press for a new Minor Threat bootleg. I haven’t seen regular copies surfacing, but I did see several copies of this test press being sold online. It comes with a nicely done custom sleeve.

A repress I was stoked about was the Judge LP. It comes with a embossed sleeve also printed on the inside and an additional die cut insert and colored vinyl. Revelation records went all the way on this one.

Also I managed to add another Hyperview record to the pile, this time it is the tour version on grey vinyl with the sticker on the sleeve.


The final 12″ is this prank record by Run The Jewels called Meow The Jewels. It is basically their latest record with the  beats changed to cats sounds. Fun novelty record with a ton of inserts and a furry sleeve.

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2 euro 

I spend a total amount of 2 euros for these two 7″s, so I was very pleased with this score. First the Wisselink 7″, this late seventies Dutch new wave record is sort of a one man band that followes up the brilliant Dutch first wave punk band called The Suzannes. Not as great as the Suzannes, but still pretty cool.  

From the same seller I got the Infamous Slipknot 7″ on red vinyl. That is very cheap and might come in handy as trade bait. 


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