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Another want on my Smiths list crossed off. This is the first UK pressing of the Panic 12″ with the infamous sticker sheet.

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Low in high school

Probably the most boring post of the year. This is the promo/test pressing of the latest Morrissey record. Nothing much too look at, but a nice one for the collection.

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I love the alternate foreign sleeves for the Smiths singles. Germany had quite a few back in the 80″s. This is one of them. You can often find this on clear vinyl, but the black vinyl is hard to find.

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End of the year list


(just a random picture I took, that I wanted to share.)

This last year was a solid year, no exceptional highs in the record collecting department, but I found a few solid wants and a total amount of fourteen test presses.

The two tests that stand out are this Scream and this Beefeater test.

Some other finds I am still stoked about are this Therapy?, Underdog, Black Flag and The Cure records. All hard to find and all still so good after all those years.

Furthermore I found a good bunch of Smiths and Morrissey records for the collection. Some are difficult to find.

Also I bought a few signed records and let one get signed. Not really after that kind of thing, but when it crosses my path, I might as well go for it.

When it comes to new stuff, this is what kept me entertained during the year. Not so many hardcore releases as other years great my attention this year. I have been playing a ton of Shoegaze and post-rock and post-punk recently.

All in random order.

  • Free – Ex Tenebris + Demo MMXV 12”
  • Ecostrike – Voice Of Strength 12”
  • Supercrush – I’ve Been Around 7”
  • Down and Outs – Double Negative LP
  • Burn – Mountain 7”
  • Pale Waves – All Things I Never Said 12”
  • Hypocrite – The Mayhem Demo 7”
  • Fireburn – Shine 7”
  • Safe – Stay Strong 7”
  • Count Me Out – 110 demo 7”
  • Quicksand – Triptych Continuum 12”
  • Ceremony – L-shaped Man demo LP
  • Supercrush – I Can’t Lie 7”
  • Cutting Through – Empathy 7”
  • Red Hare – Little Acts Of Destruction LP
  • The Proletariat – The Murder Of Arlon Sterling 7”
  • Supertouch – Flying High (‘95) flexi
  • Shipwrecked – We Are The Sword 12”
  • Beach Rats – Wasted Time 7”
  • Circles – demo 12”
  • Turnstile – Time & Space LP
  • For Pete’s Sake – North Atlantic 12”
  • Iggy Pop and the Stooges – Rare Power LP
  • Shark Attack – Complete Discography LP
  • Slow Crush – Aurora LP
  • Johnny Marr – Call The Comet LP
  • Battle Ruins – Glorious Dead LP

Concert wise it was a slow year, but easily the best show was Dag Nasty in Eindhoven. Furthermore I enjoyed Johnny Marr, Underdog and Shipwrecked a lot too.


(me singing a long to Dag Nasty)

Next year I will probably post a bit less. I want to shift my focus on a few high ticket items and work a bit on other projects.

My want list for 2019 will look something like this:

  • Antidote – Thou Shall Not Kill (1st press) 7″
  • Black Flag – Nervous Breakdown (1st press) 7″
  • Common Cause – s/t (blue vinyl) 7″
  • Embrace – s/t (test press) LP
  • Faith – Subject To Change (clear vinyl) LP
  • Faith – Subject To Change (white vinyl) LP
  • Faith – Subject To Change (4th press $4.00 NO masterdisk etched, if it exits) LP
  • Keep It Clear – A Lesson… (record release edition) LP
  • Rhino 39 – Xerox (OG Dangerhouse) 7″
  • State Of Alert – No Policy (green vinyl, 1st press sleeve) 7″
  • Teen Idles – Minor Disturbance (1st press) 7″
  • Urban Waste – s/t 7″ (1st or 2nd press)

Maybe a bit ambitious but I will see, what 2019 will bring me.

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Re-issue! Re-package! Re-package! Re-evaluate the songs

The latest Morrissey solo effort was re-released early last month, but it took a while to get into my hands. This double LP is just the regular LP but the second LP is more interesting a nice collection of b-sides, some newly recorded tracks and some live stuff. I am a sucker for these kind of things.

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Shoplifters bag

Back in 1987 when this single was released, the buyers of the 12″ version in the UK would receive their copy in a custom plastic shopping bag.

Since I was in the market more a nice minty copy of the 12″ and I spotted this one including the plastics shopping bag, I couldn’t resist buying it straight away.

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Back on the chain gang

The new Morrissey single dropped last week. I went to the store today, to pick up a copy. Two cover tracks, the Pretenders song is pretty good, the other one feels a bit like a filler after the initial play.

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Peel session

I have a quite a few Peel Sessions at home. Most of them are very easy to find and often are essential since these kind of time documents capture some of those bands at their prime. Joy Division, The Cure and The Damned come to mind. New Rose by the Damned blows the regular recording out of the water and made me realize how insanely good this song and this band is.

The Smiths Peel sessions are equal important but a lot harder to find due to most of the content being available on the Hatful Of Hollow compilation. Until recently I wasn’t even aware that besides the regular UK version, there was a very limited France edition released. So glad I managed to snag a good looking copy.

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Your Arsenal

I got this one as a present from a friend. Still enjoy regular CDs, so fun to grab a stack and just play them in the car on road trips.

This is one of the best Morrissey solo efforts. Only his debut and his 2004: You Are The Quarry are better in my book.

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Bigmouth strikes again

Found this somewhat hard to find Australian version of Bigmouth Strikes Again with those lovely bowler labels.

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