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We’re just a Minor Threat

A buddy of mine, really hooked me up with three old pressings of these classics. Great way to end the old year and start the new one.

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It’s the end of the year. There’s another one coming.

It’s the end of the year, There’s another one coming.

To wrap up last year, I wanted to share my favorites of the year, I picked up a ton of records, I was very lucky with both punk, hardcore, Springsteen, Smiths and Morrissey records. Did found some great Country, New Wave and (Hard) Rock records too.

My favorite obviously is the Minor Threat  – Out Of Step test press, I picked up in Sweden.

I found twenty test presses this year, mostly related to The Smiths, these are the best imho: Fugazi – Red Medicine LP, Fugazi – 3 Songs 7″ & these two The Smiths LPs.

When it comes to punk and hardcore, I added a few nice ones, second press Agnostic Front – Victim In Pain LP, Blue Husker Du LP, State Of Alert 7″ and this more recent Mouthpiece LP.

When it comes to old Dutch punk, I found a few nice additions to the collection.

Also I managed to cross off two of my main wants when it comes to Dangerhouserecords. Just need that Rhino 39 7″ to complete the set.

All in all a good year record wise. When it comes to “new” stuff, this is what I have been playing the most, both on physical and digital format in random order:

  • Fireburn – Don’t Stop The Youth EP
  • Iron Chic – You Can’t Stay Here LP
  • Burn – Do Or Die LP
  • Quicksand – Interiors LP
  • Molly – Stay Above LP
  • Damnation A.D. – Pornography LP
  • Shipwrecked – s/t 7″
  • Rixe – Bapteme Du Feu 7″
  • Vanishing Life – Surveillance LP
  • Ecostrike – Time Is Now 7″
  • Run The Jewels – III LP
  • Cutting Through – A Will To Change EP
  • Pale Waves – Television Romance 7”
  • The Smiths – The Queen Is Dead boxset
  • Jawbreaker – First Demo digital
  • Don’t Sleep – s/t 12”
  • Limp Wrist – Facades LP
  • Absolution – Juxtaposition 7″

When it comes to show, I hit an all time low, I only managed to catch 18 shows, but I did see a few memorable ones: Guns N Roses, Iron Chic, Quicksand and Undeclinable Ambuscade.

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Can’t Keep Up

This pick up was arranged many months ago. But since the seller lives in Sweden and I happen to be in Sweden early September, it felt better waiting a bit and pick it up in person.

For those unaware what this record is: Test press for the 1st pressing of the Minor Threat Out Of Step EP 12″. Probably 50 made, some sources say 100.

First press (original mix) test presses can be identified by the 14410 code assigned by Nashville Record Pressing as written on the labels and scratched into the dead wax.

These first press tests are more commonly found as radio promos with a photocopied flyer attached to the inner sleeve and mockup labels pasted on top of the standard NRP test press labels (which fall off when the glue fails over time). This copy still has them firmly attached, probably since it was only played a few times and then stored away for almost two decades.

My copy is indeed a record station promo from a local Baltimore radio station, they decided to trash a ton of records back in the late 80’s and one of their employees took it out of the trash and brought it back home. The sticker indicates what songs aren’t suit for air play.

It also comes with a thick cardboard DJ sleeve, that someone decorated, probably by someone from the radio station.

I am so happy to found this one and added to my collection. Best pick up of the year for me.

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Seeing green

Cool Minor Threat bootleg from 2008, this time on green vinyl. Great artwork, very cool pictures. Sound quality is fine, the band sounds tight. Nice one.

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Dead format

I picked up a few cd’s, I really wanted to hear that Leeway album. It was never released on vinyl and it probably never will. So getting the cd is the only option for me. I decided to add the Charge and Minor Threat cd’s too. So cheap and no additional shipping costs made it a no-brainer for me.

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Live at the Buff Hall

It took me a while, but I finally manged to find the last variation/pressing. Turns out there are at least eight. Not counting the test press. Funny enough the label only lists four different ones. But they didn’t really got authorized to make these in the first place, so them not being open and honest about it makes sense. 

Minor Threat is on fire on this 7″. this was the first live recording I ever heard and I still love it.
These are all copies, including a few doubles.

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Slip that tape in the deck and enjoy the sheep in the farmland

When I grow up tapes where my thing, I did so many road trips filled with homemade mix tapes or demo tapes by new bands. I also started a decent collection of regular records on tape purely for the road trips.

My current car doesn’t have a tape deck anymore, even the CD player is something I barely even use anymore due to Bluetooth connection with my iPod or iPhone.

Still I have enjoy to pick up tapes from time to time. Just for the sake of it and they are fun to collect. Plus I kind of feel I bed that Minor Threat one for my collection.

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More black sheeps

Remember late last year I picked up the final missing version of this bootleg on red vinyl? Well it turns out there was another version, that I missed. This time it is black vinyl again but with now real labels and not those stamped ones. 

This made me realize that, only 400 on black vinyl as stated on the back of the sleeve, might not be the truth. As I said earlier this bootleg sounds amazing plus it is Minor Threat. So not getting a copy wasn’t an option for me.

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Flex your green head

I bought this one somewhere during the summer but it took a while when it arrived at my house, due to being delivered in the USA and it took a while before it was reshipped. The color is somewhere yellow and green and is quite different from my other copy.

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Words Are Not Enough – End Of A Year (2016)

It’s the end of a year…
There’s another one coming

Another year has passed and my collection has grown a bit when it comes to non-hardcore records. Especially in the Smiths, Morrissey and Bruce Springsteen department the grow was steady with some great records.

Looking back it has been a bit of dull year when it comes to hardcore. Luckily I had a ton of other cool and uncool stuff to keep my occupied. But my amount of shows visited is at an all time low, only 17 this year. I did however went to some amazing shows, best one was by far was Dag Nasty at Groezrock.

My top 5:

  1. Dag Nasty @ Groezrock
  2. The Cure @ Antwerp
  3. Weezer @ Amsterdam
  4. Ghost @ Tilburg
  5. Iron Chic @ Groezrock

When it comes to records my year list looks something like this (in random order):

  • Bob Mould – Patch The Sky
  • Burn – From The Ashes
  • New Moon – Space
  • For Pete’s Sake – In Faith and Loyalty
  • Red Hare – Lexicon Mist
  • Dag nasty – Cold Heart/Wanting Nothing
  • Devotion – Headspace Astronaut
  • Tender defender – s/t
  • Muncie Girls – From Caplan to Belsize
  • Descendents – Hyper…
  • Freewill – Sun Return
  • GLOSS – Trans Day Revenge
  • Praise – Leave It All Behind
  • Bloc Party – Hymns
  • Pixies – Head Carrier
  • Krimewatch – demo
  • Cutting Through – demo
  • Beach Slang – A Loud Bash Of Teenage Feelings
  • Fury – Paramount

My favorite picks up of the year are centered around this record. Probably my best pick up ever, but for sure the best pick up of the year. I never imaged I would ever find something like this.

I picked up some The Smiths test presses, I started with Panic. After looking into the The Smiths test presses/promo’s a bit more, I discovered a few more and I picked those up.

I also added a nice Dag Nasty test press to my collection.

I did find some non test presses that I was after too. Some old ones, like these Black Flag, BGK and Artificial Peace records.

Also I was stoked on these two mid nineties records. Both are rare, one is out of 50 and the other one out of 10.000 maybe? But still equal hard to find.

Besides some The Smiths test presses, I got a nice signed record and a in-house promo tape.

Finally I found this anomaly pretty cool to have.

Curious what 2017 will bring me.


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