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Raw Power

One of those records, that I do listen to but never managed to find a copy at a suitable moment is the Raw Power by Iggy Pop and the Stooges.

However when a nice and affordable copy shows up online and you can pick it up during your lunch break. It is hard to say no.

What makes this copy so special is that it contains the album in two widely different mixes. First LP is the regular Davie Bow mix from the early seventies. The second mix is more raw and done by Iggy Pop back in 1997.

Another small bonus is the nicely matching orange colored vinyl made for the French market.

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I decided I didn’t want to bother with Black Friday this year. But sure enough I ended up in an store anyway. I picked up my three biggest wants and I left with two minutes. This record celebration day is way more stress free compared than actual RSD. No queue etc.

I ended up with two LPs and one 7″.

Best one thus far is the Raw Power outtakes by Iggy Pop and the Stooges cleverly called Rare Power.

Next is the Rage Against The Machine compilation that wasn’t previously released on vinyl. Some great cuts on the one. Sadly just a simple sleeve with both records crammed in, no insert or printed inners.

Last year Appetite for Destruction was released in a giant box set costing roughly 800 euros. Needless to say is that I won’t ever get that boxset. However I did find the inclusion of this 7″ interesting. So I gladly buy it on a different color outside of the boxset. Two great songs, especially the a-side is amazing. No idea why it never made it on a regular record.

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60’s rock

The moment I dreaded has happened. I started to develop a taste for 60’s music.

But as long as it stays in the realm of garage rock. I am probably ok. These two records are long overdue in mine record collection. One seventies repress and a recent repress of his solo works.

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Weird boxset

This boxset made for charity is a weird one. You will have classic 70 and 80’s songs by the original artist on the a-side and when you flip it over contemporary artist are covering that song. Blondie, The Clash, Bruce Springsteen, Iggy Power, Ramones and many more are included. In total 15 7″s for just ten bucks. Sweet deal.



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