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Appetite for destruction

Since my OG has seen better days, I kind of wanted to get that remastered repress that was released a few days ago. The price was pretty hefty, but seeing it came with such a cool cover and gatefold sleeve, I decided to buy it anyway. Turns out I got a free shirt and some postcards too. Also worthy to note, side 4 is an holographic image of the Guns N Roses logo.


80’s stuff

Added a few great 80’s records to the collection. Especially love that Public Enemy LP, so influential and so many people sampled from that record.

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Singles galore

Last few days, I did some digging and received a bunch of singles in the mail. So I decided it will be best to show them in a single post. Nice mix of punk, rock, hip hop, grunge, reggae and hard rock.

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This bootleg has been around for a few years now. I didn’t bother picking it up until I found a very cheap copy. Kind of cool hearing a few of my favorite Guns N Rose songs in a totally different recording. Very nice looking sleeve and colored vinyl. Sound quality is okay I guess.


What is so civil about war anyway?

I found this somewhat rare Spanish promo E.P. of Guns N Roses, made to promote the new single Civil War and the upcoming shows in Spain around that time. This was the first Guns N Roses single that wasn’t released on vinyl. A few later singles did see a vinyl release.


Drugstore vinyl

Look what I found at my local drugstore; cheap vinyl. Shitty cover, but a cool live set. Vinyl hype is real.


Use Your Illusion II

The last Guns N Roses record (that matters) that was missing from my collection is this one. But thanks to the good discount I got a new copy for a low price. I think if they would have made one record out of it would have been amazing. Now there are a few fillers on this one. Still I can’t rap my head around how good Enstranged is. Probably my favourite song.


It’s so easy

Another Guns N Roses single that was missing was the It’s So Easy 7″. Somehow this one is much harder to find. This single actually has a double a-side with the other song being Mr. Brownstone. Probably it wasn’t a big hit, so that is why copies are harder to find.


Welcome to the Jungle

It has been a slow month and it looks like next month won’t be any better. I do have a few crazy finds like that State Of Alert 7″ a few days ago, but be prepared for less frequent updates. This has mostly todo with a lot less of new bands/records popping up and my want list becoming smaller and smaller. Which is actually a good thing.

After the Guns N Roses show earlier this month, I had to pick up a few missing singles. One of them is this Welcome To The Jungle 7″. I love how the first few singles have a very basic design. Just the band logo with the song title on a different color background. Simple but effective.


Live in Chicago

I am going to see Guns N Roses for the first time in two weeks. Despite listening to this band for over 27 years, I never wanted to see that badly as now, with the nearly original line up.

To celebrate that and to get into the groove, I decided to pick up this semi-legal live LP from the pharmacist. (The eighties are back) Nice selection of tracks recorded in Chicago back in 1992 and great sound quality. But horrible artwork. The back is even worse and screams bootleg.

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