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My aunt came over from the states, so she brought a nice pile of records I bought and got delivered at her place. First one is this Government Issue one. Nice early pressing in awesome condition. It even includes the lyric sheet.

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Year list 2015

To reflect back on the year, it was a great year for new and re-released music. My year list turned out to be pretty long.

Beach Slang LP
California 7″
Ceremony LP
Die 7″
Fade 7″
Flex 7″/tape/flexi
Give 12″
GLOSS demo
Into Another LP
Iron Boots discography LP
Iron Chic 7″
No Tolerance LP
Protester 7″
Run The Jewels 12″
Shipwrecked repress 7″
Spirits LP
Stick Together LP
Supercrush 7″
Superheaven LP
Sweet Jesus LP
Title Fight LP
True Identity demo
Turning Point discography LP
Turnstile LP
Union Of Faith demo
Violent Reaction LP
Youth Brigade demo 7″

When it comes to my favorite picks up, it was really hard to choose and make a list. Last month alone was so awesome. I also got quite a few awesome test presses including three Dag Nasty tests and two Fugazi tests. Also I picked up a few of my all time wants.

The one I really wanted the most was the GI single. This completes my early Dischord singles collection. Also I was very stoked about picking up this Lifetime 7″. You barely find this 7″, luckily that didn’t reflect in the price. Another regular record that I found highly anticipating was the expanded Turning Point discography. I even got luckily enough to get the test press. I also added the missing second press test press of the Turning Point discography from back in 2005.

The Seattle/Vancouver area always has been a great area for hardcore bands, two of my favorite bands are from there. So it was very cool to pick up this Champion and Keep It Clear test press. I managed to pick up not one but three Dag Nasty test this year, Wig Out At Denko’s being my favorite of the three for sure. The final two test presses I am still psyched about are this Fugazi EP and this Fugazi 7″, mostly because these are my first and second favorite Fugazi releases. Margin Walker, Repeater and Furniture being 3rd, 4th and 5th.

Also I want to mention all The Smiths and Morrissey records I’ve got, that turned into a very nice collection overnight due to a few good and big scores.

Collecting wise a great year, hopefully this year will be better.

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The last record of the year

The last one should be a killer one, so I decided to post this Government Issue 7″ as last. This completes my search for the six classic Dischord singles. I clearly remember saying that I will never own any of the 7″s and now ten years later, I completed the set.

In the same Dischord vibe, I also bought this Void live tape. Pretty decent recordings and nicely done sleeve. Obviously this is a home made thing.

Also I picked up this promo tape of the Faith/Void LP. The seller is trustworthy guy and he told me, he got this in 83/84 at Rough Trade Record store in Chicago. I’ve contacted Jeff and he contacted Ian and they both don’t remember making any promo tapes. So the origin of this tape remains unknown. But maybe one of the bands members made this.

The last item isn’t a record or a tape but a poster/flyer hybrid. Just like the GI 7″, this has been on my want list for almost a century. So when I finally had the chance to pick it up, I was so stoked. So iconic!

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I think my ratio normal pressings vs test pressing when it comes to Government Issue is 1 to 1. Somehow I run into test press of them a lot. This is repress by Dr. Strange. Plain white labels, plain white sleeve with a flyer stuck on the front. Nothing fancy.


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From the same seller I found the white GI 7″, I also got this white GI LP. Same deal as before a regular pressing on black and two limited colored pressing out of a 100 each. 



Teenager in a box

Reflex records from Belgium re-released some classic back in the early 2000’s. One of them is this Government Issue 7″. Besides the regular pressing they always did two limited colors, both limited to a 100 copies. Seeing the low numbers, when I find a copy cheap, I always cope it. The music is never a let down. 



CDs are for free

Well almost. I gladly pick up some classics and not so classics for an ultra low price. Love the Government Issue cd and I dig the additional live tracks too. the Turning Point cd is an oddball filled with demo, compilation and split single tracks. Fort Knox might be unknow to most. This hip hop crew is made up of hardcore kids. Weird cd but interesting in a way.



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Boycott Stab

I believe this record and this band in general is often overlooked. They released a few good records. But somehow they never made that impression that some of those other DC bands made. Don’t really know why. Maybe because they released a slew more records which differs from good to okay in quality and toured extensively and don’t really have this mystical aurora hanging around them. But this LP and the second 7″ are still amazing.

This is a repress from 2002 on colored vinyl limited to a 100 copies. I think there was another colored pressing also limited to 100 copies, I remember it being white vinyl. It was released by Reflex records from Belgium. This label did some awesome represses such as half of the Xclaim! disography, Negative FX and finally a decent version of the Last Rights LP. Also under the Wolfpack records moniker they released some crucial new hardcore records such as the Dead Stop 7″. Around 2006 this label dropped of the face of the earth.

Since I already own the standard version and the test press, I really should put some effort into finding the last remaining version on colored vinyl.




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Dischord part 2

Another batch of represses. First up the Embrace LP on black vinyl, total awesome and classic record. I believe this record defined the (post-)revolution summer sound. Even current bands are influenced by Embrace.

Also on classic black vinyl but with a yellow label instead of a green one, as on the earlier black pressings; 4 old 7″s on a 12″. Best value you for your money this repress, saves you a ton if you don’t want the OG 7″s. Love the State Of Alert and Youth Brigade 7″s the most, but Teen Idles and Government Issue aren’t bad either. I would love to pick up an orginial Government Issue 7″ someday. Strange to see after a pressing on clear, purple scrap, green and blue, Dischord opted for a black pressing.

Also Dischord pressed some classics on colored vinyl. This Scream LP used to came on white vinyl, now they did a pressing on clear vinyl. I didn’t find any pressings in between, was it out of print for a few years between 2008 and 2014, did they do a black pressing in between or did the white pressing last long enough?


Also the first colored pressing of the Dag With Shawn was released, my copy came with a nice pressing fault and some green swirls. Turns out a lot of other copies have those swirls too. Maybe a nice dark (solid) purple would match the artwork better. But this looks very nice to colored pressing of Can I Say.


For the real record nerds among us. All the 2014 represses have the seal of plastic on the front of the cover. I think this make identifying new pressings a lot easier.

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Odd Man Out

I bought this record as an extra with another purchase. This compilation came out in the mid eighties and contains a great song from the Black Market Baby, Government Issue and Shudder To Think. The sleeve is a bit worn but the vinyl plays nicely.



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