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It’s the end of the year. There’s another one coming.

It’s the end of the year, There’s another one coming.

To wrap up last year, I wanted to share my favorites of the year, I picked up a ton of records, I was very lucky with both punk, hardcore, Springsteen, Smiths and Morrissey records. Did found some great Country, New Wave and (Hard) Rock records too.

My favorite obviously is the Minor Threat  – Out Of Step test press, I picked up in Sweden.

I found twenty test presses this year, mostly related to The Smiths, these are the best imho: Fugazi – Red Medicine LP, Fugazi – 3 Songs 7″ & these two The Smiths LPs.

When it comes to punk and hardcore, I added a few nice ones, second press Agnostic Front – Victim In Pain LP, Blue Husker Du LP, State Of Alert 7″ and this more recent Mouthpiece LP.

When it comes to old Dutch punk, I found a few nice additions to the collection.

Also I managed to cross off two of my main wants when it comes to Dangerhouserecords. Just need that Rhino 39 7″ to complete the set.

All in all a good year record wise. When it comes to “new” stuff, this is what I have been playing the most, both on physical and digital format in random order:

  • Fireburn – Don’t Stop The Youth EP
  • Iron Chic – You Can’t Stay Here LP
  • Burn – Do Or Die LP
  • Quicksand – Interiors LP
  • Molly – Stay Above LP
  • Damnation A.D. – Pornography LP
  • Shipwrecked – s/t 7″
  • Rixe – Bapteme Du Feu 7″
  • Vanishing Life – Surveillance LP
  • Ecostrike – Time Is Now 7″
  • Run The Jewels – III LP
  • Cutting Through – A Will To Change EP
  • Pale Waves – Television Romance 7”
  • The Smiths – The Queen Is Dead boxset
  • Jawbreaker – First Demo digital
  • Don’t Sleep – s/t 12”
  • Limp Wrist – Facades LP
  • Absolution – Juxtaposition 7″

When it comes to show, I hit an all time low, I only managed to catch 18 shows, but I did see a few memorable ones: Guns N Roses, Iron Chic, Quicksand and Undeclinable Ambuscade.

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3 songs

Another cool test press by the almighty Fugazi. I love this 7″ and I was super stoked finding one with the promo sleeve. Either 50 or 100 copies are made.

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More test press medicine

Another day, another test press. And what a test press! This the Fugazi Red Medicine LP released by Dischord. It comes with a promo sheet. So this has been used as a promo item. But compared to other Fugazi test presses, it doesn’t shows up that much. Also the other test presses that I have are the S/T, Margin Walker, Repeater and 3 Songs tests, however I never seen a Steady Diet Of Nothing or In On The Killer Taker test before.

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Burning Too

While buying a few records from the Crucial Response distro, I noticed this repress for a decent price. I do have the regular version but I always wanted to pick up the remastered edition too. I like the updated artwork but sound wise the biggest change can be noticed. I really enjoy the better mastering, not that the old one was bad, but now, everything sounds a bit improved. More depth and more clear. I you haven’t bought a copy before, get the remastered one.

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Tape and CDs…

Isn’t stuff I buy a lot, but when I see some very cheap ones, I can’t help my self. 


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The Argument

The last Fugazi record that needs to be replaced is The Argument. Some interesting songs on this one, back in 2001, I found it harder to appreciate it at the time. But fifteen years down the line my musical taste has evolved, making me appreciate it much more. I guess it is an age thing. 


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I decided in early October to finally update my Fugazi collection by replacing some CDs with the vinyl version. First one is the soundtrack to the Fugazi documentary.    


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Year list 2015

To reflect back on the year, it was a great year for new and re-released music. My year list turned out to be pretty long.

Beach Slang LP
California 7″
Ceremony LP
Die 7″
Fade 7″
Flex 7″/tape/flexi
Give 12″
GLOSS demo
Into Another LP
Iron Boots discography LP
Iron Chic 7″
No Tolerance LP
Protester 7″
Run The Jewels 12″
Shipwrecked repress 7″
Spirits LP
Stick Together LP
Supercrush 7″
Superheaven LP
Sweet Jesus LP
Title Fight LP
True Identity demo
Turning Point discography LP
Turnstile LP
Union Of Faith demo
Violent Reaction LP
Youth Brigade demo 7″

When it comes to my favorite picks up, it was really hard to choose and make a list. Last month alone was so awesome. I also got quite a few awesome test presses including three Dag Nasty tests and two Fugazi tests. Also I picked up a few of my all time wants.

The one I really wanted the most was the GI single. This completes my early Dischord singles collection. Also I was very stoked about picking up this Lifetime 7″. You barely find this 7″, luckily that didn’t reflect in the price. Another regular record that I found highly anticipating was the expanded Turning Point discography. I even got luckily enough to get the test press. I also added the missing second press test press of the Turning Point discography from back in 2005.

The Seattle/Vancouver area always has been a great area for hardcore bands, two of my favorite bands are from there. So it was very cool to pick up this Champion and Keep It Clear test press. I managed to pick up not one but three Dag Nasty test this year, Wig Out At Denko’s being my favorite of the three for sure. The final two test presses I am still psyched about are this Fugazi EP and this Fugazi 7″, mostly because these are my first and second favorite Fugazi releases. Margin Walker, Repeater and Furniture being 3rd, 4th and 5th.

Also I want to mention all The Smiths and Morrissey records I’ve got, that turned into a very nice collection overnight due to a few good and big scores.

Collecting wise a great year, hopefully this year will be better.

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A Fugazi Xmas

What better way to celebrate Christmas with a Fugazi test press. This the debut EP on Dischord records. No sleeve, nothing fancy, still very cool to own.


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In on the kill taker

I really dug this record, when I picked up the CD at a local record store at the late 90’s. I might even discovered Fugazi trough this CD. Recently I found the botch recordings they did with Steve Albini, before they re-recorded it and those are sweet too. 


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