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I also got a copy on the Nation Of Ulysses full length. Funny enough I have two test pressings, but no original copy of this one. Nice to have a lyric sheet and understand better what their are singing about.

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My aunt came over from the states, so she brought a nice pile of records I bought and got delivered at her place. First one is this Government Issue one. Nice early pressing in awesome condition. It even includes the lyric sheet.

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Shudder To Think

A brand new record store opened just outside of my city. Pretty fun seeing those new record stores popping up after years of demise.

Personally I wasn’t too impressed with their selection but I did manage to score this Shudder To Think LP pretty cheap.

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More Berlin

I did found a few 7″s I was after at the local record stores. I really wanted the Boston Strangler demo on 12″ but all shops I visited where out of it.

This Discrepancy 7″ sparked my interest a while ago, has a very youth crew sleeve and was released on Youngblood records, so despite not hearing it before, I just got a copy.

The Iron Cross was another record I didn’t hear before, but just due to knowing the band, I decided to pick it up. This is more recent work, not as urgent as their early stuff, still enjoyable.

Finally in the second hand bin, I pulled out this Orange 9mm 7″, I doubt a lot of people remember this band but seeing I heard the song before and I love almost everything that is somehow related to Burn, I picked it up. Turns out the other songs are great too.

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More test press medicine

Another day, another test press. And what a test press! This the Fugazi Red Medicine LP released by Dischord. It comes with a promo sheet. So this has been used as a promo item. But compared to other Fugazi test presses, it doesn’t shows up that much. Also the other test presses that I have are the S/T, Margin Walker, Repeater and 3 Songs tests, however I never seen a Steady Diet Of Nothing or In On The Killer Taker test before.

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Seeing green

Cool Minor Threat bootleg from 2008, this time on green vinyl. Great artwork, very cool pictures. Sound quality is fine, the band sounds tight. Nice one.

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Condensed Flesh

This German bootleg is pretty wide spread and made somewhere in the early 90″s. The most common version is the black vinyl with white sleeve. Even the white vinyl with white sleeve shows up from time to time. So I was surprised that a few years ago a green sleeve shows up none has heard about. But just when I think I found all versions, another undocumented version shows up but this time with a pink/purple sleeve.

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Live at the Buff Hall

It took me a while, but I finally manged to find the last variation/pressing. Turns out there are at least eight. Not counting the test press. Funny enough the label only lists four different ones. But they didn’t really got authorized to make these in the first place, so them not being open and honest about it makes sense. 

Minor Threat is on fire on this 7″. this was the first live recording I ever heard and I still love it.
These are all copies, including a few doubles.

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Slip that tape in the deck and enjoy the sheep in the farmland

When I grow up tapes where my thing, I did so many road trips filled with homemade mix tapes or demo tapes by new bands. I also started a decent collection of regular records on tape purely for the road trips.

My current car doesn’t have a tape deck anymore, even the CD player is something I barely even use anymore due to Bluetooth connection with my iPod or iPhone.

Still I have enjoy to pick up tapes from time to time. Just for the sake of it and they are fun to collect. Plus I kind of feel I bed that Minor Threat one for my collection.

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More black sheeps

Remember late last year I picked up the final missing version of this bootleg on red vinyl? Well it turns out there was another version, that I missed. This time it is black vinyl again but with now real labels and not those stamped ones. 

This made me realize that, only 400 on black vinyl as stated on the back of the sleeve, might not be the truth. As I said earlier this bootleg sounds amazing plus it is Minor Threat. So not getting a copy wasn’t an option for me.

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