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In Manchester I also found some 90’s stuff must people probably have forgotten about already.

First this 7″ by this band from London, UK with Brazilian roots called Drugstore. I really dug this song in the 90″s. It even has some parts of the song sung by Thom Yorke of Radiohead, but the female singer is the real star on this song. Funny to see this was released by Roadrunner records, which was a record label specialized in metal at the time.

Next up is this single by Dischord outfit called Holy Rollers. Don’t know much about this band, besides that all their output is great and I believe one of the members ended playing with Avail.

Also I found a Sugar 7″ missing from my collection.

I want to cheat a bit with this last one, since it definitely isn’t 90’s. But seeing the several connections between Sugar/Husker Du and Big Black, it only seemed appropriate to post this here.

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Always love to add a Dischord test press to the collection. Especially when it is a great record as this. This is the second full length of Beefeater, probably best known for being the pioneers of the post-hardcore music. It comes with a ton of promo stuff. Interesting and fun to read.

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United Mutation

This early eighties DC band never got as popular as their other Dischord label mates. Yes they made a single for Dischord records, but it was a split release with DSI records I think.

This 7″ that came out a few year later on the infamous Lost and Found record is along the same lines as their debut 7″. This is the test press.

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We’re just a Minor Threat

A buddy of mine, really hooked me up with three old pressings of these classics. Great way to end the old year and start the new one.

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NMC ‘17

Dave Grohl remastered the only record from Scream that wasn’t released on Dischord for Black Friday. Despite it not being the best Scream record, the new mastering does improve the sound a lot. It comes with an unreleased track and a booklet filled with pictures and additional notes. Really enjoy the lush packaging and updated artwork. Well done release by Southern Lord.

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4 old 7”s on a 12”

Last week, I went on a nice road trip, hitting up record stores and a museum in the south of the Netherlands. I came home with a nice box filled with goodies. One of them is this early pressing of the 4 7”s on a 12”, containing 4 out of the 6 earliest Dischord releases. No need to introduce the bands or the records. The LP came with the large lyric sheet and a cool mail order sheet.

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It’s your choice 

Some of you might be familiar with this series of live LPs recorded in the late 80″s and early 90″s. I think all of them are recorded in Germany and all proceeds went to charity.

Some pretty interesting bands contributed to this project; Scream, Verbal Assault, Melvins and No Means No come to mind.

I was kind of surprised to find a double 10″ filled with leftovers tracks in the wild. I have never heard about it before and I was shocked to find out they actually pressed 3000 copies.

A lot of the songs are actually cover songs and are ofcourse recorded live in Germany. Really dig Verbal Assault playing an on fire Stiff Little Fingers tune.

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Can’t Keep Up

This pick up was arranged many months ago. But since the seller lives in Sweden and I happen to be in Sweden early September, it felt better waiting a bit and pick it up in person.

For those unaware what this record is: Test press for the 1st pressing of the Minor Threat Out Of Step EP 12″. Probably 50 made, some sources say 100.

First press (original mix) test presses can be identified by the 14410 code assigned by Nashville Record Pressing as written on the labels and scratched into the dead wax.

These first press tests are more commonly found as radio promos with a photocopied flyer attached to the inner sleeve and mockup labels pasted on top of the standard NRP test press labels (which fall off when the glue fails over time). This copy still has them firmly attached, probably since it was only played a few times and then stored away for almost two decades.

My copy is indeed a record station promo from a local Baltimore radio station, they decided to trash a ton of records back in the late 80’s and one of their employees took it out of the trash and brought it back home. The sticker indicates what songs aren’t suit for air play.

It also comes with a thick cardboard DJ sleeve, that someone decorated, probably by someone from the radio station.

I am so happy to found this one and added to my collection. Best pick up of the year for me.

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3 songs

Another cool test press by the almighty Fugazi. I love this 7″ and I was super stoked finding one with the promo sleeve. Either 50 or 100 copies are made.

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Pencil Geek

State of Alert is high on my playlist this week. I am still not sure if I like the demo more or the 7″.

I was looking for more State Of Alert and I bought this 7″ without seeing a decent picture, the seller told me it would be grey/brown vinyl. What color would you call it?

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