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It’s the end of the year. There’s another one coming.

It’s the end of the year, There’s another one coming.

To wrap up last year, I wanted to share my favorites of the year, I picked up a ton of records, I was very lucky with both punk, hardcore, Springsteen, Smiths and Morrissey records. Did found some great Country, New Wave and (Hard) Rock records too.

My favorite obviously is the Minor Threat  – Out Of Step test press, I picked up in Sweden.

I found twenty test presses this year, mostly related to The Smiths, these are the best imho: Fugazi – Red Medicine LP, Fugazi – 3 Songs 7″ & these two The Smiths LPs.

When it comes to punk and hardcore, I added a few nice ones, second press Agnostic Front – Victim In Pain LP, Blue Husker Du LP, State Of Alert 7″ and this more recent Mouthpiece LP.

When it comes to old Dutch punk, I found a few nice additions to the collection.

Also I managed to cross off two of my main wants when it comes to Dangerhouserecords. Just need that Rhino 39 7″ to complete the set.

All in all a good year record wise. When it comes to “new” stuff, this is what I have been playing the most, both on physical and digital format in random order:

  • Fireburn – Don’t Stop The Youth EP
  • Iron Chic – You Can’t Stay Here LP
  • Burn – Do Or Die LP
  • Quicksand – Interiors LP
  • Molly – Stay Above LP
  • Damnation A.D. – Pornography LP
  • Shipwrecked – s/t 7″
  • Rixe – Bapteme Du Feu 7″
  • Vanishing Life – Surveillance LP
  • Ecostrike – Time Is Now 7″
  • Run The Jewels – III LP
  • Cutting Through – A Will To Change EP
  • Pale Waves – Television Romance 7”
  • The Smiths – The Queen Is Dead boxset
  • Jawbreaker – First Demo digital
  • Don’t Sleep – s/t 12”
  • Limp Wrist – Facades LP
  • Absolution – Juxtaposition 7″

When it comes to show, I hit an all time low, I only managed to catch 18 shows, but I did see a few memorable ones: Guns N Roses, Iron Chic, Quicksand and Undeclinable Ambuscade.

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The second to last time saying danger danger

Back in the early days of my record collecting habit, I spoke out that I would never own the first six Dischord singles or all Dangerhouse singles. 

I finished the Dischord singles a while ago, but Dangerhouse seemed to be more tricky. I did got The Randoms earlier this year and with adding a colored copy of The Deadbeats 7″, I am just one Rhino 39 single away from a full collection.

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Dangerhouse outtakes

I ignored this 7″, since I assumed it was a pointless bootleg. Turns out it wasn’t bootleg and both songs are unreleased in this form. Pretty cool outtakes despite the not so great artwork.

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Let’s get rid of New York

Back in 1977 punk was booming in the U.K. and New York. But in L.A. it was lurking in the shadows. One of the first things, that was also the first release on the legendary Dangerhouse records was this 7″ by the Randoms. 

So unbelievably stoked, since it is a very good looking copy with even the original outer sleeve. The single it self is a killer too.
Just two more till I completed my quest for the Dangerhouse singles.

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Danger Danger Dangerhouse

Last weekend I found this LP. This late 80″s bootleg combines the late 70″s Dangerhouse records singles on a 12″. Best thing about this LP is that it was still sealed.

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Dangerhouse reissue

Just before New Years Eve, I’ve picked up a few test presses of these classic Dangerhouse singles. All of them are made from the OG stamper but back in 2000 and not in 1977 with the purpose to test out if the stampers would still work. All three come with a custom sleeve. Pretty neat.


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End of the year haul 1

During the xmas weekend, I received a package containing all the records and other stuff that I ordered and that was delivered at my NY address. So it really felt like xmas morning with all those presents. First a Dangerhouse single that has been high on my want list. I really dig this one. Nice fold over sleeve like most of the Dangerhouse singels.


Another one I was so stoked about to get is the Jawbreaker Busy 7″ with the It Hurts tour sleeve. Pretty hard to find.


My Dag Nasty collection is pretty sweet. Just when it comes to the All Ages department it is lacking a bit. So glad I am able to add a nice copy on blue vinyl.


Also on blue vinyl is this Reaching Forward single. I like it but the band members of Reaching Forward hate it.

The final 7″ is this California 7″. This came out for Black Friday and was ridiculous hard to find. I really wanted a copy since it has Adam from Jawbreaker on drums.


Also I got a Flexi. Probably the worst format ever. People complain about 10″s but Flexi’s are way worse. Still cool to hear new No Warning stuff but a 7″ would have been better.


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David Bowie

Finally I managed to cross one of my want list for 2015. My Dangerhouse is coming along nicely, but filling in the odds and ends makes it more and more hard. This record is not too rare, but I didn’t found it yet for a good price.


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Danger Danger a test press

So I snatched up this Alley Cats test press last week. Sadly it is not a real Dangerhouse test press but it is a test press made from the real stampers. This was done back in 2000 when they did a small repress of this and other Dangerhouse singles. Love the fact that they made customs sleeves.




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Year list

So for this first post of the new year I decided to look back to 2014. The year itself has been a bit of a roller coaster ride for me on a personal level. So many stuff has happened, good and bad, too much to bore you with, this isn’t livejournal. My working career has been good, worked on some great projects and helped out a lot of junior co-workers and even managed to get a piece published. Also it was exciting to finally release a record on vinyl last year. That was something I always wanted to do and I did it. Totally Do-It-Yourself and I am glad I did it. It was interesting to experience the whole process from sending the recordings to the pressing plant, all the way to putting the records in the sleeve.

But I am glad a new year has started and hopefully this year will be as exciting as the previous one.

When it comes to collecting records I had a great year. I did got some super rare ones that I would never expect to find. Also my want list is getting smaller and smaller, so that is a good thing, which also resulted in buying and trading a bit less records last year compared to previous years.

Looking at 2014, my favorite new releases are:

1. The Flex – Wild Stabs In The Dark
2. Fugazi – First Demo
3. Give – Electric Flower Circus
4. Praise – Lights Went Out
5. Cold World – How The Gods Chill
6. Man Lifting Banner – Red Fury
7. Boston Strangler – Fire
8. Battle Ruins – s/t
9. Run The Jewels – Run The Jewels 2
10. OFF – Wasted Years

I enjoyed the new Morrrissey and Bruce Springsteen record too but they didn’t make it to this top 10.
Also I decided to stick to the 12″ format and not look at 7″s or other formats.

When it comes to my favorite pick ups from last year, this is what my top 10 looks like.

1. Minor Threat – In My Eyes 7″ with the Cousins sleeve

  • Minor Threat is my favorite band and this record is a rare as it gets. I always hoped to pick it up but I never thought I would find it.

2. Dag Nasty – Can I Say LP test press

  • Every since I heard Can I Say I was amazed by everything about this record, the heartfelt lyrics, the super catchy almost pop music sound packed in no frills punk jacket. A true classic that still amazes me. So when someone offered it, I jumped on it.

3. Negative Approach – s/t 7″

  • Probably the most pissed of record ever made in the mid west. This record has been on my wish list for almost a decade. It was nice to find a copy a few blocks from my work place and pick it up in person.

4.  V.A – New York City Hardcore: Together 7″

  • Another one I was looking for. Any version would do, but still it was hard to find a copy. I found a great offer on a cheap copy, so I jumped on it. Turned out the seller was based in the Netherlands too, so it arrived very fast and shipping was cheap.

5. Teen Idles – Minor Disturbance 7″

  • The start of Dischord records, so that alone makes it essential. I doubt they would have expected anyone outside DC would ever hear these songs. The songs are great and the artwork can be considered historical.

6. Gorilla Biscuits – Start Today LP on purple vinyl

  • The cornerstone of each Revelation records collection is the Judge – Bringin’ It Down LP on green vinyl and the Gorilla Biscuits – Start Today LP on purple vinyl. This might be the most important and best looking Revelation release. Musically it stood the test of time easy.

7. Smiths – The Queen is Dead LP on green vinyl

  • This definitely not the rarest record I bought this year but I really love this record more and more with every spin. Most The Smiths vinyl isn’t rare but somehow Germany often got a limited pressing on colored vinyl that is always a bit harder to find. Since my Dutch copy had some wear, I thought it would be a good idea to upgrade when I had the chance.

8. Dag Nasty – Minority Of One LP with silkscreen sleeve

  • I always wondered what the idea behind this was. Didn’t Revelation order enough sleeves or did some sleeves got water damaged? Anyway, it was hard to find a copy, since the amount they made is low, the band remains popular and the label is super collectible. A recipe for disaster. BTW Ghosts might be one of the best Dag Nasty songs.

9. V/A – YES L.A. LP

  • Last two years I have been listening to more and more Dangerhouse records releases. One that still was missing was the YES L.A. LP. This LP showcases a few of the best bands out of L.A. in the late seventies. The LP itself looks amazing too. One sided clear vinyl with the blank side silk screened.

10. OST – Twin Peaks

  • Twin Peaks made such an impact on me back in the day and I read somewhere it defined the shape of television series. It makes sense since it was so different compared to all other series at the time. The spooky and slightly desolate music sound so eighties but is so recognizable. This LP came out around the time CD became the standard format, so the LP is kind of difficult to find for a fair price.

I couldn’t resist taking a family picture.


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