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Can I say

Late last year, I found out there was weird version of the Can I Say record with Southern records being listed next to Dischord records.

Obviously the hunt was on, to find a copy and it took me a solid three months to find a copy.

So curious which copy is the first press, this one or the one without the Southern records logo. Anyone any idea?

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Can I Say

I picked up a set containing 3 of the 4 records of the Dag Nasty boxset sold to me as rejected test presses a few years ago.

So when I found a full set of four records that is probably the accepted tests, I had to get them. And here they are.

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I came across this Dag Nasty 7″ for a nice price and seeing it was signed by Brian Baker, I decide to grab it.

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Minority of One

This is a very nice addition to my collection. Not only is a test press of one of my favorite bands but also on a collectible label. So I honestly didn’t think I would ever find a copy. Also it contains one of the best Dag Nasty songs.

Love the (minimalistic) look of the sleeve, just two stickers but well placed making it look like a nice sleeve for a test.

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London May

This is one of those records, I would like to pick up, since London May drummed in a couple of amazing bands and all of them are present here. However with a quite a harsh retail price and shipping from the USA, I took a rain check on it for a few years. However when it show up in your local record store for a decent price, I grabbed it straight away.

Love the Dag Nasty, Reptile House, Samhain and Circle Jerks songs on this.

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I went into a record store I havent been before and besides recent stuff, I found a ton of memorabilia, like tour books and tour shirts as if it was new in store despite being twenty to thirty years old. Also I noticed some sealed CDs in this weird plastic long boxes as they did in the late 80’s and early 90’s. One of them was this Dag Nasty album. So cool to find this sealed.

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Dischord from all over the world

A few friends of mine send me some records from all corners of the world. First up are the two Japanese releases of Minor Threat 12″ and the Faith/Void split 12″. Both have an obi strip and a very cool Japanese lyric sheet.

All the way from Virginia, USA I received this recent repress of the classic second Dag Nasty album, this time on green vinyl. I also got some nice spare Government Issue labels.o

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Minority Of One

Finally bought a few “new” records. Actually most of them are represses, but hey, I got to keep the collection complete. The one really worth mentioning is the repress of the great 2002 Dag Nasty LP, Minority Of One. This time around it is on a nice mix of clear and white vinyl.

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Words Are Not Enough – End Of A Year (2016)

It’s the end of a year…
There’s another one coming

Another year has passed and my collection has grown a bit when it comes to non-hardcore records. Especially in the Smiths, Morrissey and Bruce Springsteen department the grow was steady with some great records.

Looking back it has been a bit of dull year when it comes to hardcore. Luckily I had a ton of other cool and uncool stuff to keep my occupied. But my amount of shows visited is at an all time low, only 17 this year. I did however went to some amazing shows, best one was by far was Dag Nasty at Groezrock.

My top 5:

  1. Dag Nasty @ Groezrock
  2. The Cure @ Antwerp
  3. Weezer @ Amsterdam
  4. Ghost @ Tilburg
  5. Iron Chic @ Groezrock

When it comes to records my year list looks something like this (in random order):

  • Bob Mould – Patch The Sky
  • Burn – From The Ashes
  • New Moon – Space
  • For Pete’s Sake – In Faith and Loyalty
  • Red Hare – Lexicon Mist
  • Dag nasty – Cold Heart/Wanting Nothing
  • Devotion – Headspace Astronaut
  • Tender defender – s/t
  • Muncie Girls – From Caplan to Belsize
  • Descendents – Hyper…
  • Freewill – Sun Return
  • GLOSS – Trans Day Revenge
  • Praise – Leave It All Behind
  • Bloc Party – Hymns
  • Pixies – Head Carrier
  • Krimewatch – demo
  • Cutting Through – demo
  • Beach Slang – A Loud Bash Of Teenage Feelings
  • Fury – Paramount

My favorite picks up of the year are centered around this record. Probably my best pick up ever, but for sure the best pick up of the year. I never imaged I would ever find something like this.

I picked up some The Smiths test presses, I started with Panic. After looking into the The Smiths test presses/promo’s a bit more, I discovered a few more and I picked those up.

I also added a nice Dag Nasty test press to my collection.

I did find some non test presses that I was after too. Some old ones, like these Black Flag, BGK and Artificial Peace records.

Also I was stoked on these two mid nineties records. Both are rare, one is out of 50 and the other one out of 10.000 maybe? But still equal hard to find.

Besides some The Smiths test presses, I got a nice signed record and a in-house promo tape.

Finally I found this anomaly pretty cool to have.

Curious what 2017 will bring me.


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Dag day

I received this live LP a few days ago and it is right one time for Dag Nasty later today. I did see Dag Nasty a few months ago and it was so good I had to go again.

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