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Blood Brothers

Last year, the Boss released a box set filled with his albums from the late 80’s to the late 90″s. Besides the albums, it also contained two EP’s and one of them was unreleased on vinyl. So despite being a huge supporter of the Boss, getting that box set felt ridiculous for just one record. Luckily, totally unexpected they released the previous unreleased EP, also separately. I am happy this just saved me so much cash.



Not so much to see, just two recent released live bootlegs by the Boss. Pretty decent recordings and some interesting early songs being played.



I also picked up a stack of Spanish promo singles of the Boss during my holiday trip.


Greatest Hits on RSD

Of course what would RSD be without a greatest hits record. I am pretty sure anyone who bought Springsteen in the 90″s has a copy of this cd. Finding the LP is a lot harder, so a nice looking repress is always welcome.

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Singles galore

Last few days, I did some digging and received a bunch of singles in the mail. So I decided it will be best to show them in a single post. Nice mix of punk, rock, hip hop, grunge, reggae and hard rock.

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Better Days

This is one of those, I might as well add this buy. Cheap price and no extra postage. A few good songs, but not to big of a fan of the picture disc.


Sherry Darling

A nice looking Bruce Springsteen 7″, I picked up last week. This is a pretty old one from 1981. It even comes with a compliment card from the record label, detailing the upcoming Bruce show in the Netherlands in 1981.


Passiac, NJ

I have a ton of Springsteen bootlegs already but one of the shows missing was this one. Springsteen was reaching great heights and he was on fire during this particular show. Great set list filled with songs from his first few records. Four 180 grams records with liner notes in a nice boxset. Nicely done bootleg this one.


More Drugstore

I also found this Bruce Springsteen live LP at that same drugstore as yesterday. Same label also. Better artwork this time.


Springsteen, Cash and more

Two records today, one is from Bruce Springsteen and one from the Highwayman, this is a supergroup from the eighties containing the biggest country stars at that time.

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