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Record Aficionado

I don’t think I posted books here before. But this book needs to be posted about. Great overview of the first 24 Revelation records releases and one that was released a decade later but fits in with the rest.

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Various singles

Besides the Instant Justice 7″, I posted about yesterday. I bought a stack of other random 7″s.

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Sheila on yellow

Like a ton of early Smiths singles, Germany always got colored vinyl. Tracking them down, nowadays is a struggle. But I do enjoy the hunting aspect of it.

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It’s the end of the year. There’s another one coming.

It’s the end of the year, There’s another one coming.

To wrap up last year, I wanted to share my favorites of the year, I picked up a ton of records, I was very lucky with both punk, hardcore, Springsteen, Smiths and Morrissey records. Did found some great Country, New Wave and (Hard) Rock records too.

My favorite obviously is the Minor Threat  – Out Of Step test press, I picked up in Sweden.

I found twenty test presses this year, mostly related to The Smiths, these are the best imho: Fugazi – Red Medicine LP, Fugazi – 3 Songs 7″ & these two The Smiths LPs.

When it comes to punk and hardcore, I added a few nice ones, second press Agnostic Front – Victim In Pain LP, Blue Husker Du LP, State Of Alert 7″ and this more recent Mouthpiece LP.

When it comes to old Dutch punk, I found a few nice additions to the collection.

Also I managed to cross off two of my main wants when it comes to Dangerhouserecords. Just need that Rhino 39 7″ to complete the set.

All in all a good year record wise. When it comes to “new” stuff, this is what I have been playing the most, both on physical and digital format in random order:

  • Fireburn – Don’t Stop The Youth EP
  • Iron Chic – You Can’t Stay Here LP
  • Burn – Do Or Die LP
  • Quicksand – Interiors LP
  • Molly – Stay Above LP
  • Damnation A.D. – Pornography LP
  • Shipwrecked – s/t 7″
  • Rixe – Bapteme Du Feu 7″
  • Vanishing Life – Surveillance LP
  • Ecostrike – Time Is Now 7″
  • Run The Jewels – III LP
  • Cutting Through – A Will To Change EP
  • Pale Waves – Television Romance 7”
  • The Smiths – The Queen Is Dead boxset
  • Jawbreaker – First Demo digital
  • Don’t Sleep – s/t 12”
  • Limp Wrist – Facades LP
  • Absolution – Juxtaposition 7″

When it comes to show, I hit an all time low, I only managed to catch 18 shows, but I did see a few memorable ones: Guns N Roses, Iron Chic, Quicksand and Undeclinable Ambuscade.

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Lost at 22

Music On Vinyl started releasing classic metal albums on vinyl again. I bought quite a few in the last few years. This year it has been rather slow, so I am excited they released this classic.

I only discovered the second full length of Life Of Agony back in 1998, picked up the CD then, in a nice tin can. Years later I picked up a repress on vinyl, but the great looking artwork on this release, nice gold colored vinyl and the fact I have the other colored editions on Music On Vinyl, I just decided to get it anyway.


No Echo, a website I have been reading for a while now has some great content concerning hardcore music and all aspects around that subject.

I feel honored and flattered they interviewed me. You can read it here.

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Bruce overload

I’ve got a ton of Bruce Sprinsteen vinyl, CDs and books last weekend. What cool is that it is mostly 90’s stuff, which is rather harder to find than his 80’s records. 



The Mighty

I found this record at the sixth local record store that just opened here. It had a cheap price and the title is amazing. 



Live tonight

This was the first acoustic cd I have ever bought and loved, so getting this on vinyl, for a good price was a no brainer to me.

I loved it when I first watched this on MTV. Love the fact they did some much cover songs and didn’t play the hits. 



CDs are cheap

At least nowadays, I paid two euros for two great double CDs. Both are greatest hits records and are great to have in the car, in case your forgot your phone.





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