Lathe cuts

Nice live 7″ but not on vinyl, this is a lathe cut disc. It feels a bit like acrylic plastic.

Minor Threat sounds on fire on this recording. This show happened three months before their last show and they played as a five piece band at the time for quite a while already. So they played those songs super tight. Fun record to listen to.

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5 thoughts on “Lathe cuts

  1. Willem RWHAF says:

    number 01 of a bootleg, seems suspicious. Isn’t this part a of a huge series of live bootlegs from performances in Europe?

    • outofstepsince81 says:

      This just like some other bootlegs from Minor Threat, but also Cro-Mags and a ton of live lathe cuts from bands such as Iron Maiden and Slayer are being made in Greece.

      Actually number 1 isn’t suspicious, I have number 4 and 5 too, same writing, same sleeve but different discs with different labels. However I have only seen number 1 to 5 being for sale. So I am assuming, they never made more than 5 copies and maybe will cut a few more when the demand is there.

      Minor Threat never played Europe and I know the recordings, they are indeed recorded in Washington. Picture on the back is actually from a NYC show.

  2. Willem RWHAF says:

    I saw eBay auctions of about 25 different titles, all live recordings and all out of 50. Yes, I meant “from” Europe.

    • outofstepsince81 says:

      All Minor Threat?

      • Willem RWHAF says:

        No, not all MT. But several bands like AC DC, Cro-mags, Danzig but also softer rock, like Björk. I don’t remember them all, but it was an amazing variety of rock bands. There were at least 25 several boots, mostly colored vinyl, without exaggeration. And all seem to come from the same source, as they were all out of 50 and numbered in the same way.

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